Chapter 12

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Izzy pov

Lunch ended and now we headed to Gym. We all kept watching the other group of kids, but we got nothing.

Me, Jasper, and Emmet all headed to Gym. When we got there, 3 of the new kids where there. 2 of the girl and 1boy.

" I would like to introduce 3 of our new students, Makenzie and Zack Moore, and Alyssa Evans. Would you like to tell us a little about yourself?" The teacher said.

" Um, well we are all adopted. Me and Zack are biological twins. And then Alyssa and another one from our family, Ruston Evans, are biological twins. Then we have Carson Evans, and Felica Evans. We kept our last name, but the rest took our adoptive parents. We are all 17 exept Carson who is 16. We moved from Montana" Makenzie said.

" Anyone have any questions?" The teacher asked. Makenzie rolled her eyes. " Who are your parents and what do they do?" One kids asks.

" Um, Kirby Evans and Kendra Evans. Our dad is a doctor who specializes in pediatrics. Our mom is and attorney" she said.

So Carlisle might have some info on them. After a few more questions we where done and we started class.

After that we had biology. In biology, we had Makenzie and 2 others. Later we found out to be Carson and Ruston.

After the introduction, they sat down. Makenzie was leaning her head on Ruston. They're together? Well, I'm guessing so.

If they are mates, I don't know. As class went on, all we did was keep tabs on the new people. Why where they here?

What was the possibility that another coven of vampires would show up? The bell rang and we got up and headed to the cars.

When we got there, we waited for the others. After a few minutes they came up.

" What's up with the new people?" Emmet says. " I don't know. But I do know for sure that they are one of us." Jasper said.

" We should talk to Carlisle" Edward said " Ok, I'll call Mom and Dad and tell them to meet us there. Jasper, wanna drive?" I say.

" No, I wanna drive!" Emmet says. " No. You'll wreck it." I say. Jasper grabs the keys and we get in. I call dad and tell him to meet us there.

When we get there, we all go inside. " Hello Izzy, what a pleasure it is to have you here" Esme says as she comes to hug me.

" Thank you" I say. We all head to the living room where Carlisle and Esme come in. Just then Mom and dad come in to.

" Today we meet some new kids at school. 6 to be exact" Edward says. " Ok..." Carlisle said not getting why it's important. " They where all vampires." He said.

" What where there names?" Carlisle asked. " um, there was Makenzie and Zack Moore who are biological twins. And then Ruston and Alyssa Evans who are biological twins. And then Carson and Felica Evans. They are all adopted by Kirby and Kendra Evans" I say.

" Does Kirby happen to be a doctor?" Carlisle asks. " Yes" Jasper says. " Yes, I met him at the hospital. I knew he was a vampire, I just didn't know he had children." He said.

" What are we gonna do? I mean, we can't have human drinkers here" Edward said. I growled at him. " Ok, let me rephrase. We can't have THOSE human drinkers here" he said.

" I don't think they are. Dr.Evans didn't have red eyes, and he didn't have a problem with blood. " Carlisle said.

" But I never did, and I did drink human blood." I say. " Yes, but you weren't around open blood" Carlisle said. Tru.

" So what are we gonna do?" Rosalie asked. " Invite them over tomorrow. We will see why they are here and find out more about them. Izzy, Edward, did you get anything?" Carlisle said.

" No. One of them was a copy cat to. She had a shield." I said. " Ok, we will find out more tomorrow" Esme said.

" Jasper wanna go hunt?" I ask " Sure" " Can I go" Emmet asks. " Sure" We all run out. " I bet I can get 4 bear before you?" Emmet said. " Ha, ok" I said.

We started running. By the time I had 2, he had 3. We where both running after one. I put my shield up and he ran smack into it. I got the bear.

" No fair!" Emmet wined. " You never said I couldnt" I said as I spotted one behind him. He turned around and ran after him. I teleportation to it.

I killed it. " Again, No Fair!" He screamed again. " Not my fault your slow" I said smirking. He growled.

He went to jump at me but Jasper came running at him. He hit him, knocking him down. He grabbed him and threw him again st a tree.

" Japser! Calm down! He was just playing!" I screamed trying to pull him off.

I saw his eyes. " Major, Major! Calm down! I'm fineď" I said. He calmed down and his eyes went back to its original color.

" I'm sorry, I di-" " It's fine. It not your fault. I've done the same remeber" I said laughing. He pulled me into him, kissing me.

" Eww, get a room! I don't wanna se that" Emmet whined. " Shut up" I say. He sticks his tounge out and I throw him into the air. " Put me down!" He yelled.

" After you say.... hmmm.... oh! I know! Say that Izzy is the best and Noone will ever compare" I said with my phone on voice record.

" What! No!" He said. I started shaking him. " Ok ok! Fineď Izzy is the best and Noone will ever compare" he said.

I pulled my phone out " New ringtone" and ran off. He came changing after me.

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