Chapter 9

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We left for Volterra. We spent several days planning. We got some of the wolves to come with us.

After several hours we finally arrived. Alice got a car and most of us got in, the rest got another. We left for the castle.

When we got there me,Emmet, Carlisle, Edward and Peter would go in first. Alice was to give the sign for the rest to go in.

Alice would stay behind with the wolves to make sure they came in in time. We went in and headed to the throne room.

We went in and the guards where in their usual place. All except one. Reneta wasn't with Aro. Izzy was. She had the pure black cloak like Jane and Alec.

She had her head down, not looking at us. All I wanted to do was run up to her, but Edward and Emmet where behind me. Edward knew so he grabbed my arm, holding me back.

" Cullens, what do I owe this visit" Aro said. I'm sorry Jasper. Leave and go home. Please I heard Izzys voice in my head.

No. I'm not leaving you. Jasper, I'm not leaving. They'll kill you all. I can't let them do that. Go home. Please. I love you. But I'm here now she said.

No Izzy! I'm not leaving! Jasper! Go hame! I'm. Not. Leaving. This is where I am now and there's nothing you can do to change that NO! IZZY! Your coming back with us!

" We know you have her Aro" Carlisle said. " I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about Carlisle" Aro said. " We see her! Give her back! Now!" I yelled at him.

Edward and Emmet grabbed me, keeping me from going. Izzy flinched. Izzy glanced up but then turned her head, looking back down.

" Izzy, please. Come back" I say. I'm sorry Jasper. I'm not going. " She is part of my guard, and you're not leaving with her" Aro said.

Just then the others come in, minus Alice and the wolves. " Aro, give her back!" Peter yelled. He went to run up but Edward let go of and grabbed him.

" Let me go damnit! She's my daughter!" He yelled, trying to get from his grip. " Stop it Izzy!" He yelled. She's trying to calm him down.

I tried pushing it away from him, but she's to powerful." Jane" Aro said. She looked at Peter. " Pain" she said.

Char went to jump in front of him, but nothing happened. Izzy. She did it again, still nothing. She looked pissed.

" Izzy" he said. " Yes master" she said. " Pull your shield back" he said. " I'm not shielding them. Well, purposely master" she said.

        Izzy, please come back. " I'M NOT COMING BACK JASPER!" She snapped. She stepped forward a bit. She caught herself.

      She lowered her head and stepped back. " You heard her. She doesn't want to come back. Now leave peacefully" Aro said.

       " We are not leaving without her" Peter said. " Fine. Then don't leave at all" he said. Just then, Alice ran in with the wolves.

     The guard starts to go to us. Izzy stepped forward and looked at us. The guard kept going, but when the got to us, they bounced off something.

       Her shield. They turned to her. " Izzy" Aro warned. " Do. NOT! Touch. My. Family." She growled at them. She pulled her hood down and her eyes where pitch black. Iz.

       "Iz, come on. We need to leave" Peter said. Iz walked down from the thrones and ran to me. She threw her arms around me and pulled me to her.

       " I'm sorry Jasper, she wouldn't listen! I didn't want to leave! I didn't want you to get hurt either, and i, I'm sorry" she kept mumbling.

       " It's ok Iz, let's just go" I say. We turn to leave but the guard stepped in the way. " I said you aren't leaving with her" Aro said

        " She doesn't want to stay here" Peter snapped at him. " Well, I guess I'll have to make it where she has nowhere else to go" he said.

       The guard goes to attack. Iz shoves me behind her and puts her shield up. They all bounced off. I tried to move from behind her but she wouldn't let me.

        " I already said this. Dont. Touch. My. Family!" She said. She raised her hand to Aro and shot fire at him. It missed him by inches.

       " I'm going to give you 2 choices. Either let us leave, peacefully. Or, with a snap of my finger, I can kill you all" she said.

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