chapter 20

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       Oh shit. I did NOT think about that " Thays gonna be... interesting...." I said after a while. Everyone else chuckled.

      I shook my head, if they really knew him they would know this was not funny.

      " Hey fuckface, when can I have my daughter back" speak of the devil.... Peter walled in and looked at us

        Izzy gulped, looking at me. She then looked at Peter " daddy, I want you to keep an open mind when we tell you this....." She sajd carefully

      The smile on his face faltered " what do you mean?" " Well, we, uh, we just found out that, um...." I said, not really sure how to put it

       " I'm pregnant...".  Izzy said. Peter's smile fell completely and his eyes widened " What?!" He yelled. Izzy gave a nervous laugh " Me and Jas are gonna have a baby" she said

       He turned to me, his eyes pitched black. Before I could even blink he had me pressed against the wall " I swear to god if you hurt her i will rip every limb from your body, painfully and slowly then throw them into a fire" he growled

         I gulped, staring at him. I've seen him mad before, but THIS!!! No, I've never seen this. I nodded my head quickly, and before either of us could say anything Izzy, well Iz, had him pushed off of me

      " I've told you this Peter, do NOT touch. My. MATE!" She yelled, the house shaking. Literally. Peter's eyes went back to normal and he nodded his head, standing uo.

     Iz went back to Izzy and she walked over to me, wrapping her arms around my waist as she buried her head in my chest

      " I won't hurt her Peter, ever. She's my everything...." I said. He nodded " how is this possible?" He asked "we aren't sure but we think it might have something to do with one of her powers" I said

      " that's really the only explanation for this" Izzy said. We all nodded " I actually want to run some test to see if we can figure it out" Carlisle said.

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