Chapter 4

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Peters pov

      " Several years ago, we meet this women. She had a power, almost like pixies. She would have dreams about the future. Although they where what she called prophecies. One was about Izzy"

        " What?" Jasper said " It said

The mate of the god of war
Most posses the power of the biggest coven
Will close Hells door
With the Light, the Love, the Protecters, and the Jovan

      From her family she must run
    To meet the destiny she has
      She must raise up to the sun
     She will find the amulet, made of Topaz"

   " What does that even mean" Jasper ask " Well, Izzy is the god of wars mate, you. The most powerful coven must be the volturi. She has some of there powers, but not all. I don't know the next part. The light, I'm guessing, is you, the Love is Char, and I'm the jovan. I don't know who the Protecters are."

     " I'm pretty sure you can guess the next part. I don't know the rest" I told him. " I think I know who the Protecters are" he said " Who?" " Emmet and Rose" he said " How do you know"

       " When they saw her, they felt a need to protect her" he said. " Wait, why would she run from her family" he asked " She has to Jasper. We have to run her off. And we can't just tell her she has to go, we have to run her off" I told him

      " What! No! I can't do that to her" he said " Jasper, we have to. I'm sorry" I told him.

  Jaspers pov

    I can't do that. I can't run her away. She's my everything. " Jasoer, we have to" Peter said.  " I, I don't know if I can" I said

       " It'll be hard, but you have to. I'm sorry" he said. I just turn around and walk back up to Izzys room. I lay down by her.

                   1 week later

" Izzy, wake up" I say, shaking her lightly " Izzy, wake up" I tell her again. She wakes up and smiles up at me " Morning" " Morning" I say leaning down and kissing her forehead.

       She gets up and changes. I put on some clothes I grabbed from the house. We went downstairs and she grabbed a drink. We headed to the car and drove off to school.

        When we get there, I decide to tell Rose and Emmet about everything. " Um, baby, I'll meet you in class" I tell Izzy " Ok" she said walking off to class.

        " Emmet, Rose, I need to talk to you" they follow me. I tell them what Peter told me " What? Why would we run her off" Emmet asks

       " I don't know. But we have to. Ok, so the plan is-"

     Izzys pov

     I'm sitting at our desk, when some boy walks up. " Hi, I'm Mike Newton. You're the new girl, Izzy right" he says " Yeah" I tell him. He goes to sit down but I move the chair, making him fall.

            " What was that for?" He asked looking at me " It was for trying to sit by me. I have a boyfriend, and even if I didnt, no way in hell would I date you" I told him.

        He scoffs " and who is this boufriend. " Jasper Hale" i tell him " No way. Hes dating Alice" he saidJasper walks in. He walks behind Mike " I WAS dating Alice" he said. Mike jumped about 5 feet in the air.

       " Now I'm dating Izzy and I suggest you walk away right now if you wanna keep on living" he says. He runs off like a scared mouse. Jasper sits down and I start laughing.

          " Emmet and Rose are coming over after school " he says " Ok, does dad know" " Yes" he said. Class starts but we just ignore it. We talk through classes. When we get to lunch, Emmet and Rose just keep looking at me.

       I feel sadness and regret coming from them. I keep trying to see what's wrong but they are thinking so many things it's hard to read them.

       Lunch finishes and I get up, going to my next class. The rest of school goes by, and all I did was think what was wrong with Rose and Em?

        We go to my car and wait for Rose and Em. Em comes running up " No fucking way! Dude, this car! How'd you get this!?" " My dad got it for me"

          " This car is so badass. Can I drive" he said reaching for the keys " Nope, I drive" I said pulling the keys away. He gets in the car, pouting.

        I drive home and we get out.

     Jaspers pov

         Izzy gets out and walks inside. I look at Em and Rose. They nod their head. We walk in and Char and Peter walk up to us.

       Izzy goes up stairs to change and we start the plan. " Do you think she's buying it?" Peter asked. We knew she was listening " Totally, she so gullible." I say

     " Seriously, who could love her. For a mind reader, she sure is stupid." Emmet said.He was holding on the Rose for dear life. " I know, I can't believe she thought I really loved her, as if" I said, trying not to break right there.

          " Now all we have to do is keep her believing it, and we will have her powers" Char says. She laughs, but it's really a strangled sob. We hear her footsteps run up stairs.

      Emmet went to run after her, but Rose grabbed him. She came back down with several things. She walked up to Em and threw the teddy bear he had gotten her, and held another one she had gotten him.

       She ripped the head off and burned it with the fire. She looked at Rose and threw a necklace. They had gotten matching sister necklaces.

       She looked at Char and threw a ring at her that she had gotten her. She then looked at Peter. She threw the keys to her car, and the necklace with the Whitlock Crest on it at him.

      She then turned to me. She threw the promise ring I got her, and held the drawing she had of me. They burned to ashes in her hand. " You may be my mate, but it doesn't mean I love you. I'd say go back to Alice, but you don't deserve her."

         She turned to walk out, but Peter grabbed her arm " Baby, where are you going?" He asked her. She yanked her arm away and glared at him.

      " You are NOT my father! I am no daughter of yours." she said, and with that, she ran off.

     Everyone went to different rooms. I just stayed in the living room. I feel to my knees, dry sobbing. Ares and Major refused to talk to me. The moment I said I didn't love her, they stopped.

            Peter pov

       Heading to my room, I got there and went to the bed with Char. I held her as she dry sobbed. I try ed to hold myself together but a few sobs left me to. She threw the Crest back at me, she basically said she didn't want anymore to do with this family.

    I'm so sorry baby girl

Char pov

   I layed in my room dry sobbing into Peters arms. She threw the ring I had gotten her a year after we met. It was a daughters ring. My mom had given it to me, and told me to give it to my daughter.

       We ran her away. Why? Why did we have to?

      I'm sorry Izzy, please come back.

   Emmet pov

      I sit there, staring emotionless at the wall. I hold Rose who is crying into my chest. We could still smell her scent in out room because she had to come in here to get the teddy bear.

      I'm sorry Izzy, please forgive me?

Roses pov

   I sit there, screaming and crying. I'm hitting Emmet chest as he holds me. She threw the bracelet we got back at me. They where sister bracelets, as long as we had them nothing would separate us.

      I'm sorry Izzy.

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