Chapter 8

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Izzys pov

         I appear in front of the 3 kings. Felix and Alec grab me from behind. " Ahh, look who came crawling back" Cauis said.

      " I came back, and I promise I won't run. Just please, don't hurt them" I asked. " If you don't leave, we have no reason. Jane, take her to her room. And stay with her." He said.

        Jane took my arm and took me to my room. When we got there, I sat on the bed. She sat down by me. " Why you leave" she asked.

      " At first, I technacilly didn't. I have this weird power, teleportation. And it sometimes sends me places I don't want to go. It sent me back to my family's. We argued, and finally I forgave them. I had totally forgotten about what had just happened." I told her. Well, lied a little.

        She looked confused. I took her hand and showed her, changing some of the things. I changed it to what I said, plus they ran me off because they thought I was in danger.

      "Izzy, I really hope we can be friends. But you know that they will come for you " she said. I smile. " Yeah, I know." I said.

       We talked for a while, then she saw my arms. " What happened" she asked. " Huh?" I say " Your scars, how'd you get them?" She said.

      " Oh, uh. Well" I start mumbling. I take her hand and I show her about my time in Marias army. When I let go, she had a sympathetic look.

       " Izzy, i, I'm so sorry. Noone should have to go through that" she said. " It's fine. I mean, we can't change it." I said.

       Alec comes walking in. " Jane, Master Aro wants her for training" he said. " Ok" she said. He left and we headed to the throne room.

        When we get there, Felix, Alec, and Demitry are there. " Ahh, Izzy. I would like for you to demonstrate your powers for us" Aro said.

      " All of them? " I ask. He nods his head. " Who on?" I ask. " I don't care, just show us" he said" Yes, Master Aro" I said.

      I look at Demitry and use Janes gift on him. He falls to his knees in pain. Jane gets a big smile on her face.

        I then use Alec power on Alec. He start looking around. " What did you do!" He screamed. " Give me my sight back" he growled. I gave him his sight back.

       I then turn to Demitry. I use my Astral Projection. I appear in front of him. He looks shocked. I slap him and then pull it back.

       He touches his face and then looks at me. I use telekinesis to lift the flower vase and drop it on him. Jane is rolling on the floor laughing.

      I use metomorphisis to turn to a puppy. I walk to Jane and sit. She starts petting me. I then turn to a big dog.

      I run to Alec. He backs up. I turn back and grab his hand. I show him clips of different stuf, then stop. I shock him and he falls to the ground.

      Omg, this is awesome! I hear felix. I turn around and shoot fire right by him. " How awesome is it now" I ask. He looks at me, scared.

       U then rewind a few minutes to when Aro asked me to Demonstrate. " I know" I said. I then went back to where I was.

         " I also have several others that I can't demonstrate right now. And all the Cullens" I said. He then says me and Jane can go back.

        When we get there Jane starts flipping out " How'd you do that! How many powers do you have! Can you show me them again"

       " I'm a copy cat. I can copy anyone's power by being wither miles of them. I can use them to their max. So like with Renessme Cullen, he power is to show people images through touch. Soon she'll be able to without touching them. I can. Bella Cullen can only stretch her shield so far. I can stretch it as far as I want." I said.

       " Awesome!" She said. " I have a lot. And what ones do you want me to show you?" I ask " I don't care" she said.

       I made a giant cloud above her and made it snow. I then changed my appearance to blue hair and purple eyes. " Wow" she said. I changed it back.

         " I can also do this" I said. I made a mini sun and made it shine on us. We started to sparkle. I stretched the human shield out and made it to where we don't sparkle.

     " I can give and have human traits" I said. " Jane, Izzy, Heidi had dinner" Alec said as he came in. We left to the throne room as she came in with some humans.

         I can use my hemokinesis. After he gave us the all clear, I snapped ones neck. " Jane, watch this" I said. I sliced her arm with my nail. I then manipulate the blood.
          I made it float into my mouth. " How'd you do that" she asked as everyone stared at me. " Hemokinessis, I can manipulate blood" I said.

        After we finished eating, we went back to our room. We did this for a few days, then they showed up. Can't they just let me save their ass!

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