Chapter Twenty-Three: Dance Like We're On Fire

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The awards show was fun. It all seemed to blur together and before I knew it, all 5 boys were escorting me back down the carpet. We were off to an after party. Harry’s arm was around my waist the entire time. I enjoyed his arm there much more then when it was around my shoulder. It made everything seem more... intimate.

“That was so awesome!” Niall grinned as the door closed. Management had picked up Harry and Louis’s cars and given us one big van to ride in. Zayn and Liam occupied the very back while Harry, Niall, and I occupied the middle seats. Louis was up front talking to the driver like they were old pals. Niall had ditched his tuxedo jacket and put it in his lap. Zayn yanked on the collar of his dress shirt, he was sweating slightly.

“Do you drink?” Harry breathed into my ear. I looked at him and shrugged.

“I’ve had like... two sips before,” I said quietly. Harry laughed before kissing my ear.

“You haven’t partied until you’ve partied with us.”

“Party! Hell yea!” Niall shouted before fist pumping in the air. Zayn joined in, yelling about how this night was going to be great. “I think we should bring the girls clubbing.”

“The girls?” I looked over at Niall.

“Yea... you, Sarah, Tammy... Abigail,” he smiled sheepishly.

“You need another friend for me, Chris,” Liam’s head appeared next to Niall’s as he leaned over the seats. Liam pouted and I just laughed.

“I’ll try to make a new one that is good enough for you.” I patted his cheek and he grinned. The car stopped and we were piling out. Paparazzi was already waiting for the boys, cameras flashing the second Louis had gotten out.

“Harry! Harry! Can we ask you a question?” Harry looked at the boys before Louis shrugged and walked ahead with Niall. Zayn was posing for a picture with Liam and the two answered short questions about the break.

“I guess,” Harry’s hand slipped around my waist.

“How is your relationship going?” 

“It’s going fantastic,” Harry looked over at me and kissed my cheek. I smiled and beamed at my ‘boyfriend’. 

“How far have you gone?” The question made my eyes pop. I looked at Harry who just smirked and winked at me.

“We’ll catch you later!” Harry called before I dragged him inside.

“Oh my god,” I said once I was inside. “Can you believe someone would actually ask that?”

“I told you people would be curious if we’ve done it!” Harry pulled me closer, he had to talk loudly in my ear. The music was blasting through the speakers. I just shook my head as we weaved through the people. Harry found a table full of alcohol. Louis already had a drink in his hands when he spotted us. He bounded over and slung an arm around his shoulder.

“Harry, can I go dance with her?”

“She’s my girlfriend, Lou,” Harry pouted but laughed as he filled up a cliche red cup with some type of alcohol. “If anyone is to grind with her, it’s going to be me.”

“Excuse me? Grinding?” I looked at him.

“Here,” Harry ignored my question and handed me a cup that was half full with some sort of alcohol.  I looked down at it curiously before looking back at him. “Don’t worry, I didn’t roofie it.” I slowly brought it up to my lips, taking a small sip. I closed my eyes as I felt the strong liquor go down my throat. I opened my eyes to see Harry smiling at me. “That’s my baby.” Harry took a large drink of his drink.

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