Chapter Forty-Eight: Big Fat Liar

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"You sure you'll be okay here? Don't answer the door, we have our keys. Don't even go near it if someone knocks at it. We're putting the 'Do Not Disturb' outside just to be double-"

"Harry, you're going overboard. I'll be fine. It's just for a couple of hours." Elizabeth shut up Harry's objections with a swift kiss. I looked down at my shoes with a suddent interest in my soft white keds. Harry's sighed carried through the air before he muttered a goodbye and gave her one last kiss. We all waved as we walked out, the door shutting quietly behind us. Harry assumed his position next to me as we walked down the hallway to the elevator. 

"Oh man. Word seems to travel fast," Zayn commented as we approached the exiting doors. At least a hundred of fans were waiting to get a glimpse of One Direction even if it was just them walking to their van. Cameras started going off the second the doors were pulled open. Big security men walked in front of us, to the side, and even to the back. Harry wrapped a warm arm around my wasit as we faced the crowd. I took refuge in his side, shielding myself from the bright flashes.

"Scoot your big butt Lou!" Niall whined as we all piled into the van, barely escaping the questions which sounded more like accusations.

"I would if Zayn wasn't so fat!"

"Boys, calm down," Paul called from the driver seat. The three just smiled like innocent angels before going back to quietly fighting with each other. I was squished in the middle row, the car window to my left and Harry to my right. He leaned down, his lips brushing the corner of my mouth, just as the door was shut. He smiled against my skin before pulling away and whispering that I looked beautiful. I rolled my eyes, knowing he was just complimenting himself since he picked my outfit. He insisted we matched; he wore a wine colored sweater, and black jeans to match my velvet black skirt, white tank top, and deep red cardigan. 

It seemed as if the crowd that followed us had doubled as we pulled up to the radio station. One by one, we exited the car. Harry grabbed my hand, lacing our fingers as he pulled me to the door. He waved to the fans who were behind ropes, I just smiled the best I could as I followed helplessly. My eyes widened as we walked through the doors, the posters and awards all seemed so intimidating. I thought of all the famous people who had walked on the same floor as I was just now. The boys huddled into an elevator with Paul, myself still latched onto Harry. 

"Boys! Welcome!" A bald man with a really bad tan grinned at us, his teeth too white to be natural. I pressed my lips into a tight smile, trying to contain my laugh. Harry squeezed my side, causing me to look at him. We were both thinking the exact same thing. "I'm so glad to have you on my show. Does anyone want anything before we start? Water? Coffee? Doughnuts?" Niall's eyes lit up at the sound of the goodies. "Cheyenne," the man said, turning to a woman with wild brunette hair thrown up in a bun. "Get us some, will you?"

"Yessir," she shot a smile at us before sliding past and off on her task.

"Thank you so much for having us Mr. Po-"

"Please, call me Rick. I'll show you guys the booth as soon as Cheyenne gets back." His gaze slowly scanned over each boy before landing on me, dissecting what I was wearing and how I was gripping Harry's arm. I was uncomfortable to the max. Why was I even here? "Ahh," he clapped in delight, causing me to jump slightly and surprise the boys. "You must be the famous Tina, am I right?" I nodded as he come over and stuck his hand out. I slowly put my hand in his, shaking it lightly. "I would be delighted to have you on a mic, you can even share with Harry here. Just for a segment of the show, if that would be okay with you?" I looked at Paul and then Harry, their eyes both eager and indicating I should say yes.

"I would be honored to," I used all the confidence I could muster. This man could either make or break Harry and I. 

"Excellent! And there's Cheyenne, right on time!" Cheyenne held a tray, offering each of us a snack or beverage. I played it safe and took a water bottle. Harry never once took a hand off of me, his arms wrapped around my body. The little bitch stole my water bottle and took a big swig of it. 

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