Chapter Forty-Seven: His Girl Friday

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Those eyes poured into me, capturing me and shoving me into a state of pure bliss. For a moment, the entire world evaported around me and all I could feel was peace, love... The corners of his eyes crinkled as he broke eye contact to through his head back. Yet, I still stayed focused on him. His laughter filled my ears as vibrations danced throughout my body.


Everything he did had an effect on me; just looking at him had an effect on me. His curls bounced with each movement, big chocolate curls that called to me. I wanted fist fulls of them, I wanted to feel how silky they were against my skin. When he'd lean in, they would brush against my skin and tickle ever so lightly...

"Chris? Hello?"

My body ached for him continously. It had been torture riding back with him to the hotel. He was so close but so far. He'd lean in and whisper in my ear, biting down on it swiftly before pulling away, leaving me in a heated mess. I was his dirty secret, even from the boys. And for the first time, I actually liked it. We couldn't risk word getting out to Elizabeth, not yet.

"Anyone home in there?" A french fry crashed into my face, causing me to go cross eyed for a moment. My eyes darted to the dirty bum who was laughing with the rest of them.

"I hate you, Zayn," I stuffed the fry into my mouth without another word. My eyes darted back to Harry, who had caught me staring. His cat like smile caused my heart to race. God, it was like I was falling for him again.

And I was.

"I was saying," Zayn sent me a pointed look, "we have a radio talkshow in the morning before rehearsals. Chris, you need to tag along and play happy couple with Haz. Management said to step it up since apparently New Years wasn't good enough. No offense Elizabeth, but you're gonna have to sit this one out. Simon freaked out when he saw how similar you and Chris appeared. It could cause hard core fans to do some snooping. Understand?" 

"None taken. Can't have a wild scandal on our hands- understood!" She said as she sat snuggled up to Harry. We were all sitting at the kitchen table, hamburgers and french fries scattered all over. Harry looked down at her and smiled before looking back at Zayn.

"Got it." Those damn pupils looked over at me, making me self concious about the burger I just shoved into my mouth. His lips curled before biting down on them, looking away with a smile.

"Alrighty, kids. Big Papa is going to bed." Liam stood up yawning, covering his mouth with his hand.

"But Dad-" Louis and Niall chorused at the same time, causing us all to chuckle.

"Now, now. We have a very busy day tomorrow and we all know we could use the sleep." He started to collect the wrappers before I stood up and put my hands over his.

"Go ahead Big Papa, Big Momma will clean up." I smirked at him.

"You sure?" I nodded. Liam leaned over the table and gave my cheek a kiss. "Thanks Momma," he pulled away before swatting at Zayn who was making kissy faces at us. "Night kiddos."

"Wait for me, Dad!" Zayn hopped up and was about to chase after him but stopped himself. "Thank you Chris," he snickered as he gave the same cheek a kiss. I rolled my eyes as he bid goodnight. The wrappers crinkled as I collected them all. I walked over to the trashcan and threw them in, heading back to the table to whipe off the stray french frys and crumbs. 

"Night Chris," Louis and Niall chorused, the trouble makers kissing my cheeks at the same time, Niall on the left and Louis on the right. 

"Get some sleep," I said in a sing-song voice. I watched as they bounded off, a smile on my face. Chairs scrapped against the floor as Harry and Elizabeth stood up.

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