Chapter Thirty-One: Pleasing To The Eye

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“Lily from New York wants to know if you really do sleep naked.” I said as I squinted at the computer screen. Harry had set up the mac on the kitchen table as we sat in front of it, our chairs right next to each other. I leaned away from the screen and blushed as Harry looked at the webcam and wiggled his eyebrows. 

“Do I?” Harry said, his voice husky and close to my ear. I laughed loudly and pushed him away playfully.

“Hey guys,” Louis said as he bounded into the kitchen, cutting my answer short. He had on red swim trunks, a white shirt and a towel in his hands. “Hello,” Louis leaned over in between us and winked at the camera.

“Somewhere in the world, three thousand girls just fainted.” Harry mumbled and laughed. 

“How is everyone tonight?” Louis said as he rested his arm on my head, smiling at the camera.

“Get your boyfriend off me, Harry!” I pretended to gasp for air as I pushed Louis’s arm away. 

“Sorry babe,” Harry grinned and pulled me closer to him, both his arms wrapping around me. He leaned in and kissed my forehead. 

“You two are so disgusting. I need a girlfriend.” Louis scoffed as he stood up straight again, his head cut off. “I’ll meet you at the pool!” Louis quickly kissed Harry’s cheek and bounded out of the hotel room.

“Nicolette from California wants to know if you ever get jealous from Louis and mine’s relationship.”

“Not really, because I know they’re just playing.” I said as I leaned my head on Harry’s shoulder. “My poochie would never abandon me!”


“Sarah and I watched this movie and a girl said ‘Poochie’ so I decided to call you that.” I smirked as I leaned away from his shoulder.

“Whatever you say, big mama.”

“Are you calling me fat?” My mouth fell open as I let out a loud playful gasp. “LIAM!” I yelled.

“Yea?” A distant cry across the suite was heard.

“Harry called me fat!”

“I did not!” Harry’s face was frozen with shock for a moment before looking panicked. He looked at the screen and frowned. “I didn’t mean it like that! Tina, you’re so beautiful and skinny.” He looked back at me and pouted. I blushed as I bit my lip. He didn’t have to say that, but he did. Even if it was an act, I hardly got called beautiful.

“Hey lad... Tina,” Niall chirped while walking into the kitchen. He had on a purple man-tank, green swim trunks, typical, and a red snap back on. He grabbed a handful of chips and walked over.

“Woah, the girls are going crazy over you, Niall! Brianna from Atlanta wants you to flex!” I said as Harry moved me even closer. I could hardly focus on my words while Harry leaned in my ear and whispered to me. All I caught was, ‘Really are beautiful’. A bright blush spreading across my face.

“Do you have your ticket, Brianna?” I rolled my eyes, knowing where this was going, “To the guns show?!” Niall let out a loud grunt as he flexed and laughed loudly. It is truly a wonder how we don’t get kicked out of this hotel. Harry put his chin on my shoulder, looking at the camera with wide eyes and smiling like a dork. I let out a giggle as Niall announced he was leaving to go to the pool.

Harry’s chin moved slightly, his eyes flickering to me. I turned my face so I could see him. He smiled and I smiled back, my eyes flashing to his lips. Why did it feel so natural to act like this with him? Harry’s eyes flickered back to the screen, mine followed. 

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