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Pen Your Pride


Kryptonite  by inspiredrlh
Kryptonite by Rhianon
In one year she fell to pieces. Two were spent in therapy. Three to learn self defense. Four getting a degree for her passion. It took five years for Kira to rebuilt her...
  • book2
  • series
  • notyourbaby
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Not The Life I Intended by Supervalorxoxo
Not The Life I Intendedby Supervalor
Mon-el Is back, him and Kara have brought a home, right next to a school, they never intended to live this life, but now that its happening, they both want it. DISCLAI...
  • twins
  • superpowers
  • superhero
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My Kryptonite: A Supercorp Story by star_rey
My Kryptonite: A Supercorp Storyby danvers
Kryptonite isn't Kara Danvers' only weakness, and it becomes even more dangerous with a Luthor...
  • kryptonite
  • fanfiction
  • lenaluthor
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Lena Finds Out (One shot) by KaraFanficAndStuff
Lena Finds Out (One shot)by KaraFanficAndStuff
What if when Supergirl saved Lena from Cadmus a tiny bit of kryptonite gas managed to make it's way into her lungs and when the affects start to kick in Kara is forced t...
  • fanfic
  • luthor
  • fanfiction
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CHURCH ○ LEX LUTHOR by stalactites
CHURCH ○ LEX LUTHORby sophia🥀🐉
and in the end, we were all just humans, drunk on the idea that love, and only love, could heal our brokenness.
  • lexcorp
  • kryptonite
  • brucewayne
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Brothers of Justice by FlyRobinFly
Brothers of Justiceby FlyRobinFly
What if Bruce Wayne was also a Kryptonian and was brothers with Clark Kent? Would they get along? Would there be a Justice League? Warning: Gets lame. But it also gets...
  • league
  • wayne
  • gotham
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Karamel // without you by dc_comics_cw
Karamel // without youby Layla
THESE CHARACTERS ARE NOT MINE ALL THE CREDIT GOES TO THE CW & DC COMICS // this story takes place after kara had to send mon-el away S2 E22// there could be spoilers in...
  • comets
  • melissabenoist
  • kara
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love finds its way by yoursuperfangirlxoxo
love finds its wayby yoursuperfangirlxoxo
*after season 2* Kara is heartbroken when Mon El has to leave earth. She doesn't eat, sleep or smile anymore. She starts looking for a way to be happy and after a while...
  • aliens
  • karadanvers
  • relationship
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Strength » Clark Kent  by nostalgicxuser
Strength » Clark Kent by ✿
In where superman and supergirl weren't the only kryptonians still alive.
  • clarkkent
  • krypton
  • batman
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Supergirl || Avengers || by Vanilla_Pudding
Supergirl || Avengers ||by M_Swiggity2020
Norah Zor-El was the only child kryptonian to make it off the planet. She has been left to feel alone until Nick Fury finds her and raises her to be good and be able to...
  • kryptonite
  • tonystark
  • supergirl
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Responsibility of being Your Hope by Spideycad0999
Responsibility of being Your Hopeby Spideycad0999
A SuperSpider fanfiction....!!!!! What if Peter Parker ended up in another earth instead of being erased when Thanos snapped his fingers? An earth that was facing a grav...
  • deo
  • spiderman
  • supergirl
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A Forgotten Child (A Supergirl Fan-Fic) by Kendra_Alecia
A Forgotten Child (A Supergirl Kendra Alecia
"I'm sorry, Elizabeth has been presumed dead." The officer says. "No. That can't be true. She can't be!" I say, crumbling to the ground, my sister ca...
  • cw
  • melissabenoist
  • kryptonian
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The Rematch - A Superman and Lobo Fan Fiction by johntporter
The Rematch - A Superman and
Mongul the ruler of WarWorld had captured Superman and forced him into gladiatorial combat. Superman eventually escaped and defeated Mongul thus removing the tyrant fro...
  • plasticman
  • warworld
  • kryptonite
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The Kryptonite Power Ring -  A Green Lantern Fan Fiction by johntporter
The Kryptonite Power Ring - A
Lex Luthor is in possession of a Green lantern Power Ring made of Kryptonite and he has 24 hours to bring the Man of Steel to his knees.
  • guardians
  • green
  • guy
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Snow White {BvS Lex Luthor Story} by Lucinda2015
Snow White {BvS Lex Luthor Story}by Lucinda2015
"Here is my complete analysis of the enhancements found in Kryptonians. Now if you do not mind I must be going. I'm rather afraid I left the stove on." She sto...
  • luthor
  • bvs
  • lex
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He Saves Her Heart by AmandaJanay
He Saves Her Heartby Janay😍
Rapper by day, Superhero by night; his super power is linked to one particular girl who is going through a domestic violence situation in her relationship. Will he be ab...
  • superpowers
  • takeoff
  • quavo
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Batman x Superman (One-shot) by Yuki5662
Batman x Superman (One-shot)by AkariYuki
Clark Kent a.k.a Superman always be the dominant one in fanfics right?. Hmm,let's try the opposites! >w<
  • clarkkent
  • brucexclark
  • kryptonite
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A Different Side of You by KaramelStories
A Different Side of Youby KaramelStories
What if Kara knew Mon-El before he landed on earth? How would things be different between them and would it effect their relationship? (Ps. I know someone has already wr...
  • winn
  • johnjones
  • john
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In The Name Of Love || Smallville by -archicans
In The Name Of Love || Smallvilleby Seanna
In which she moves back to her hometown to find out she's not the only freak in Smallville. |SEASON 1| |CLARK KENT| |UNEDITED| [NOT A MAN OF STEEL/ BVS FAN FICTION]
  • lexluthor
  • smallville
  • superman
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Krypton's last hope  by DavionneSmith2
Krypton's last hope by Davionne Smith
somewhere there was a home to many people but, those people aren't humans they were a alien race , four Lord's of each symbol .. some for good and bad the house of El wh...
  • kryptonite
  • akeno
  • steel
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