Chapter Sixteen: Getting Down and Dirty

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“Go long!” Niall called out to me as I ran down the field, my feet quickly picking up speed. I could hear Liam comment on how surprised he was by my abilities. Niall was like the brother I never had- he taught me how to be a boy. Of course I knew how to play sports! We used to have races all the time; loser had to pay for a popsicle from th closest gas station. I think Niall let me win a few before I started running. Niall helped me become the competitive, stubborn girl I am today. The football landed in my hands as I tucked it under my arms, running past Zayn with ease. I ran between two spaced out trees, signaling a touch down. I danced around teasingly as Zayn finally caught up to me, his hands on his knees to steady himself.

“Can’t handle this?” I ran my hands down my body jokingly. Zayn rolled his eyes- I can’t believe I managed to out run Zayn. I know all the boys are fit and in shape, but I expected Zayn to work out hardest. I tossed the ball to Liam, who held it out for Niall to kick. Thanks to my company, there was an even number of us to made two fair teams. Niall, Liam, and I made one team, we called ourselves the ‘Dream Team’. Harry, Louis, and Zayn called themselves ‘Darling Dynamite’... Don’t ask. It was Friday night still. After staring at each other on the couch for an hour, Niall suggested we go find a near-by park. I brought them to Harper Park, the one that most of the boys from school played football at because it had a large field. I knew the boys from school wouldn’t be at the park; they only came here saturday morning to the late afternoon. 

We started out again, the ball in Darling Dynamite’s possession this time. We’ve only been playing for an hour, and the sun had already set. The only light was the few street lights and park lights on, helping hide the boys, but also making this game a bit difficult. “Hey batter, batter!” I heard Louis call as Zayn crouched down to hike the ball to Harry.

“This isn’t baseball, Lou!” Liam said, causing us all to laugh. I could tell Louis was smiling and blushing at that remark. God, I missed Louis.

“Shower cap... Pringlejingle... Hut!” Harry called as Zayn tossed the ball back. Each time we started off, the names just got more and more exotic. Harry caught the ball with ease and threw it in the direction Louis was running in. Louis, who runs like a bunny, it’s so adorable, grabbed the ball and managed to dodge a leaping Liam. I started to run after Louis, giving him a heads start before I kicked it into gear. 

“Can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man!” Louis said as he threw his head back, his magical laugh ringing in the air.

“Greenwell is running up the field, hot on Tomlinson’s trails. Horan is coming as back up. Payne just tackled Malik- What’s this?! Hazza running up the field?” Harry said loudly with a laugh, trying to run at the same time. I looked behind my shoulder. Mistake number one.

I could feel my feet trip over each other, and I was on the ground rolling in seconds. Louis kept laughing as Niall ran past me. “Get him Niall!” I called as Niall sprinted down the long field to catch the run away british boy. His green sweat pants being blown by the wind. It was cute how much Niall loved Ireland. It was weird, but all the boys looked extremely attractive in work out clothes. They looked stunning in their normal fashion but seeing them laid back was just as great. Niall had on those green pants, with a matching windbreaker, and old sneakers. His bright blonde hair was blowing everywhere in the wind. Louis had on a blue tshirt, black hoodie, and grey mesh shorts. The hoodie was over his hair and somehow managed to stay on his head as he ran. Zayn had on a wife beater, his muscles exposed to the wind, a slouchy hat on, and track pants on. Liam had on track pants, a dark vneck, and a loose hoodie. Harry had on a long sleeve under amour shirt with a white shirt over it, black mesh shorts, and a olive green beanie kept his curls close to him. I was wearing red nike shorts, a white vneck, and a big headband that kept my ears warm. At first my arms were freezing but once I started to run around and I got warm again.

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