Chapter Two: Fabulous Six

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         “Full name?” Louis shot question after question at me. He sat on the floor and leaned against the couch, waiting for my answer. For the past 4 and a half  hours I had drilled them all, asking questions about their personal lives. It was now their turn to ask me.

        “Christina Rain Greenwell,” I rolled my eyes. It was a dorky middle name but I had no choice over it. My mother loves the sound of rain and apparently if was raining the day I was born. It made sense in her mind to name me it.

        “I’m going to be the first to add her on Facebook!” Liam said quickly. He had a Mac Book Pro laptop in his lap and was typing on it quickly to find me on social media.

        “Not if I beat you first!” Zayn challenged, whipping out the latest iPhone. If there was one thing that I learned about these boys; it's that there is an abundant amount of testosterone floating in the air. They made everything a competition but it hasn't been annoying yet.

        “Guess what? I beat all of you. I was her first friend! In fact, I helped her set it up.” Niall proudly exclaimed. Liam and Zayn turned to me, seeing if it was true. I nodded and they sighed at the defeat.

        “Favorite pet?” Harry questioned, sitting on a couch across from me.

        “Well, I’ve only had fish but I’ve always wanted turtles. A dream pet would be a unicorn though.” I stated. Louis looked up at Harry, a silent conversation going on between them.

        “Favorite movie?”

        “This is going to sound really girly…” I shot a look at Niall who just laughed at me. Niall knew that I didn’t like being super girly. “Love Actually. It's my guilty pleasure..."

        “Okay, this is getting freaky…” Louis glanced over at Harry again with his lips twisting into a smirk.

        “What is?”

        “Nothing!” Harry blurted. “Favorite number?”

        I was about to answer with a serious question with Niall stands up and shouts, “69!” Louis proceeds to stand up and run out of the room. Liam puts the laptop aside and follows, Zayn hot on his trails. Niall tries to jump over the couch, nearly squishing his face against the wall in the process. Harry stands up last, winking at me before running off.

        “Uh, guys?” I called, getting up from the couch slowly. I stretched, my muscles tired from sitting most of the day. The clock on the wall read 10:37. I had been here for pratically the day. I checked my cell. Thankfully, no new messages from my mother. I turned my attention back on the empty room. Where and why did they run off? “Liam?” I called hesitantly. “Zayn? Niall? Louis?” I said in a sing-song voice. “Harry? Come out, come out where ever you are!” I walked down a hallway, doors open that showed me glimpses of huge bedrooms with at least two beds. “Guys?” I asked. “Marco?” I called jokingly.

        “Polo!” A soft chorus echoed. I stopped walking as a big smile appeared on my face. That gave me a great idea.

        “Marco!” I called again. A returned, ‘Polo’ made me stop moving. I heard a voice coming from the bathroom. “Gotcha!” I jumped into the room and ended up slipping on the floor. I stood up awkwardly. “Hello?” No one was in here. I think I’m going insane. “Marco!” I called again. ‘Chris, get it together. You’re going crazy,’ I thought. “Marco.” I said, slowly getting closer to defeat. 

        “Polo!” I heard a voice ring out. All the boys had accents which added to their beauty. I called out another ‘Marco!’. The same voice responded and I heard it clearer indicating I was getting close. It didn’t have an Irish twang to it, so it wasn’t Niall. I jumped into the room and closed the door behind me, trapping the person in the room. I locked it behind me, turning back to the room. A simple light by the bed was turned on. There was only one bed but the other bedrooms had two beds. “Harry?” My voice rang out. This must be his room. Silence greeted me and I laughed to myself.

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