Chapter Fifty- Three: Redemption

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"Chrissy? Christina? Chris?" I pull the covers over my head with a obnoxious whine. A sigh leaves his lips as he unsuccesfully tries to wrangle the sheets away from my iron grasp. "Chrissy, please talk to me."

"Go away." My words are lost in the sheets as I snuggle deeper into the bed, wishing it would just swallow me whole. "I'm not coming." I'm not important anyways. It was the last full rehearsal we had before school even started and I couldn't give a damn. Sleep never graced me; all night I tossed and turned, crying my eyes out for hours. I felt terrible. Absolutely horrible.

"Please... Christina-"

"Leave me alone." My voice fails me, cracking in the middle as hot fresh tears pour down my cheeks. God, how could I be such a bitch to a sweet girl like Elizabeth? She didn't even try to fight me about him, not that I wanted that- but she just wished me luck and... Fuck. I'm going to hell. I'm such an asshole. I'm a tramp. I'm a filthy home-wrecking ugly tramp.

"Christina, damnit," his strong hands pull the sheets away from me. I quickly shield my face with my hands, not wanting him to see me pathetically crying. "Christina," one firm hand captures both wrists, forcing me to look at him. His frown deepens as he sees me crying, biting his plump bottom lip. My heart lurched as I thought about all Harry's done for me. Ever since Elizabeth left, he gave me the space I wanted- maybe that was due to the fact that I was screaming everytime he took a step near me. He left me his bed and crashed with Louis while I stained his silk sheets with tears. "Baby," with his other hand he wiped under my eyes.

I'm sure I was a mess. My hair tangled and unruly from the constant friction between my head and the pillow. My eyes most likely bloodshot and puffy. The collar of Harry's oversized t-shirt that engulfed me was damp from crying with a light chance of drool. When he let go of my hands and wrapped his arms around me in a warm embrace I couldn't help but cry even harder into his neck. He rocked me back and forth, trying to ease my hurt but even his soft humming couldn't calm me down.

"You guys are going to be late- Oh. Oh my," Louis' voice rang throughout the room.

"Tell them I'm not going-" I pulled away from Harry, rubbing my eyes dry.

"No. You have to."

"But Chrissy-"

"You're the star." His frown turned into the smallest of smiles. I couldn't help but lean in and give him a tiny kiss. The moment I pulled away, the tears welled up again. Guilt surging through me as I remembered the look of betrayl Elizabeth had when she laid eyes upon me after exiting Harry's room. The same room I'm in now. The same bed. Oh god. These sheets. I am the other woman. The same sheets that she was cuddled on by him. That I've been cuddled on. 


"You heard her. You need to go to rehearsals. I'll keep her company," Louis pulled Harry out of bed the second my tears hit the pillow. "Go, shoo," he rushed Harry out of the room while I cuddled back into the pillow. "Now that we're alone, we can finally have our way with each other," he teased as he closed the door. All he recieved was a loud wail instead of a playful giggle. "Christina, baby," Louis cooed as he slowly eased into the bed. "Why are you crying? Are you not feeling well?" He rubbed my arm soothingly, snuggling against my backside. "Tell Boo Boo everything."

"I-I-" I crushed a poor girl's innocent heart. I took what wasn't mine and was a complete selfish bitch about it. I don't deserve Harry. I don't deserve anyone. I quickly turned around and buried my face into his chest. I heaved with each cry, mumbling words that even I couldn't decipher. Louis stroked my back in silence for what felt like hours, not asking me to explain myself again or even try to make sense. At some point I fell asleep, my head craddled against Louis' chest.

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