Chapter Fourteen: Gossip Fever

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Monday morning hit me hard. The beginning of November was always beautiful; the way the air turned chillier to signal it was time to whip out bulky sweaters. My shorts retired into pants, my hair in messier buns. I rushed in the morning since I spent too long in bed soaking up the warmth.

By the time I was inside the halls of Sea Side High, I knew my entire life was already starting to flip upside down. Girls that I never even knew came to this school started to point at me and whisper to their friends. People would take second glances at me as I walked past. I looked down at myself, I wasn’t wearing anything unordinary. Blue jeans, my vans, and a comfortable sweater with a tank top under. My hair was in a messy bun and I had on black frame glasses. 

Once I reached my locker I realized why people acted to strange. The boy who caused it all was waiting for me, hands in his pocket. His eyes met mine and a smile graced his face. I bit my bottom lip without thinking as my cheeks turned pink. I turned the dial and opened the locker, not saying anything to him. He shifted positions, now leaning against the locker next to mine. I closed the locker door to be greeted with his face moving forward.

“Morning babe,” his eyes taunted me, I swear.

“Hi Harry,” I rolled my eyes.

“No ‘Hello Handsome’, ‘Hey Good Looking’, or ‘Get On Me Hot Cakes’?” His lips turned into a fake pout.

“Well, I don’t see Niall around. Why else would I say those things?”

“Ouch,” Harry gripped his heart jokingly. “You pain me, going for my best friend.”

“Actually,” I leaned against the locker also, my body coping his. “I’m Niall’s best friend, you’re Louis’.” Harry grinned at me, his perfect white teeth catching my attention.

“Whatever,” he paused. “Staring at my lips? Want to kiss me?” He said with a playful wink, moving his head closer. I backed up and pushed away from locker.

“No thanks,” I turned away from him only to have him follow. “Don’t you need to get to class?”

“But I need to walk my girlfriend to her’s,” he slipped his arm over my shoulders, inches taller then I was. I’m almost used to this weird class schedule,” Harry said. “I can’t wait for musical later. I’m excited to see what happens to Zayn and Sarah. He can’t put the phone down, I swear. He texts her all day and night. It's annoying, really.”

“I’m excited to see Niall and Abigail. They so like each other,” I said to Harry. Harry and I got along easily, obviously. We usually ended up gossiping about each other and giggling about it.

“Everyone’s paring up,” Harry’s comment caused me to look up at him. “Abi and Niall, Zayn and Sarah, Liam’s been hitting up some single ladies, and I think Tammy and Louis would still be cute.” Except for the fact that she was that stupid boyfriend that won’t leave her alone. “Then there is us, the best couple ever.” We stopped walking once outside my classroom door. “I’ll see you later babe,” he leaned in and kissed my cheek. I watched as he walked away, as did other people. That boy made me blush too much for my liking.


Lunch came slowly, people had been pointing even more. A few girls in my spanish class had gone up to me and asked about Harry. I plumped down at the table, sighing loudly. Niall looked at me, he had gotten here first.

“Rough day?’

“That’s the understatement of the year.” I groaned as Abigail and Tammy sat down with us. Zayn and Liam took their seats, an empty seat beside me.

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