Chapter Twenty-Eight: Three's a Crowd

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The next day, all my mind could think of was Harry. I couldn’t get those damn curls out of my mind. Everything reminded me of him. I could hardly focus on my homework. Growing more and more frustrated, I ran a hand through my hair. I slammed the pencil down on the blank sheet of paper in front of me. I couldn’t write an essay about the civil war when every sentence started with “Then, Harry Styles walked to the battle line and tested my limits.” I sighed loudly and put my head in my hands. A loud ding filled the air, causing me to jump. I looked down at my phone lighting up.

Harry: Be ready at 7

Chris: What??? Why?

Harry: Wearing something nice and warm xxx

Chris: Harry! WHAT THE HELL

Chris: Answer me! Whats at 7?

Chris: I hate you Harry Styles!

I placed my phone back down on the kitchen table where I had been doing homework. The clock read 6, I should probably be getting ready. If Harry made me fail any of my classes this year, I was going to castrate the poor boy.

The doorbell rang as I grabbed my scarf. I checked my outfit one last time, making sure I looked presentable. My long blonde hair was down, but my bangs were french braided and clipped off of my face. I had on black tights with a popping red dress, the dress hit four inches above my knees. I borrowed a pair of simple black flats from my mom and paired the outfit with a black motorcycle jacket. I grabbed my white scarf and wrapped it around my neck. I quickly turned off the lights and walked to the front door. I opened it to see Harry looking at his phone. I cleared my throat awkwardly, thoughts of last night still burned in my head.

“You look ravishing,” he leaned against the doorframe, a mix between a smile and smirk stared at me. Harry was wearing blue jeans, converse, and a white dress shirt. I just about died looking at him. He had a long beige trench coat in his hands. Harry could wear anything and pull it off. “Ready to go?”

“Where are we going anyways?” I said I stepped out of my apartment, locking it up behind me.

“On a date.” He shrugged and said nothing more as he grabbed my hand.

“To?” I prompted. Harry just looked down at me with a grin, his dimples were perfect. Every day, Harry just seemed to get prettier and prettier. In a manly pretty way of course.

“You’ll see.”


“That’s my name, don’t wear it out. On the second hand, I’d love for you to wear it out.” He winked as he opened my car door open for me. I slid into the passenger seat with a smile on my face.


“You’re kidding me, right? Luke Skywalker was nothing compared to the great and mighty Anakin Skywalker!” I glared as I jabbed at my pasta.

“Anakin Skywalker is such a badass! I mean- he’s Darth Vader for crying out loud! Tell me it can’t get any cooler then that.”

“It can get cooler then that.” I rolled my eyes. I can’t believe I was sitting at a small table for two against the wall of fancy restaurant Harry Styles and we were arguing about Star Wars. 

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