Chapter Forty- Five: Ringing In Hell

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"Are you done yet? We're all ready- Oh... Wow." A head of blonde hair leaned against the bathroom doorframe. "Look at my bestfriend, looking super fine." I rolled my eyes, my hand reaching out behind my back to hit him. "Careful now! Wouldn't want to mess up that mascara of yours!" His laughter filled my ears, putting a smile of my own on my face. Niall left before I could ask what time it was. It had to be past nine at least. The gang was getting ready to go out and party, everyone except Harry and Elizabeth of course. They wanted to spend their New Years Eve with just each other. 

I pushed the thoughts back, not wanting tears to spring up to my eyes and ruin the hardwork I've spent almost  an hour on. Who knew makeup was so complicated? I've started over on my face at least five times. Abigail offered to come help me but I shooed her back to Niall. My blonde hair climbed down my back, stretching to be as long as possible. My bangs swooped down, drawing attention to my smokey eyes. I had worked overtime on them, trying to perfect them like all the videos I watched beforehand. Christina would never do this, but it was Tina time. I had to look perfect, with or without Harry by my side. The night's plans were to go out to a secluded restaurant and then hit up a club Zayn has been wanting to go to. 

My dress clung to me like pantyhose; the strapless rainbow bejewled top showed off more than enough cleavage. The black connected skirt stopped just short of midthigh, exposing my long legs. I had on a pair of silver shimmery heels to top of the look, an outfit I may or may not have copied from a magazine. Quickly applying my last coat of mascara, I stepped back and admired myself for once. The smile disappeared when my eyes darted to the door, Harry had taken Niall's previous stance. His captivating eyes held my stare, my knees wobbling ever so slightly.

Harry had an effect on me, one I could never describe fully. My body screamed at me to grab ahold of him. I needed to his touch to survive but I could never get it. Finally, I broke eye contact through the mirror to get a good look at him. His brown curls were neater, gathering on one side like always. Each curl was defined instead of a blurred mess of chocolate. He had on black fitted slacks, played down with white converse. His white button up had each button fastened, paired off with a black bowtie. The sleeves were rolled and messily pushed up, exposing his tanned forearms. It took all my will power not to launch myself into his strong arms and have him just hold me for a second.

"You look radiant." He crossed his arms, distracting me momentarily.

"Y-You as well," I sputtered out, raising my eyes to his once again.

"Come on, they're waiting for you. We have to take a photo before you go." He turned on his heel and walked away, leaving me to stare at empty space.

Click-clack, click-clack, click-clack. My heels echoed the flooring of the suite, finally walking to the living room. The sight was beautiful; everyone talking amongst each other, smiles on their faces, laughter in the air. Elizabeth was caught in a lip lock with Harry, her eyes snapped shut and a smile hidden into the kiss. My heart strings playing a soft lullaby for myself. Next to them, Zayn had his arm casuall around Sarah, whispering something to her before laughing. Abigail and Niall were talking with wild gestures, Niall seemed to be explaining something to her. Finally, Louis, Tammy, and Liam were discussing something that caused them to crack up every now and then.

"Well, aren't we ready?" I finally called out over them, causing ever head to whip into my direction. "I've been waiting for awhile," I grinned.

"Speak for yourself, slow-poke," Zayn was the first to get up, tugging Sarah along with him.

"Before we go, we need a Tina and Harry photo," Louis catched Harry's phone when he tossed it, standing up aswell. "Harry's going to post it just before midnight," he explained.

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