Chapter Forty- Four: Complications

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Harry's Point Of View-

I ran my hands through her long blonde hair, her angel face looking as peaceful as can be. The world seemed to slow down, just for us. No distractions, just Elizabeth and I. The others knew not to mess with us, coming in for pointless excuses just to break us up from our loving hold. I leaned back to let my back hit the dashboard. Loving. I loved Elizabeth. But how come every time I looked at her, I thought of Chrissy? It's because they look so similar, it has to be. They're complete opposites personality wise.

Elizabeth is a girly girl, Chrissy has an awkward tomboy sense of style. Elizabeth is compassionate to anyone whereas Chrissy can be bitter to people in a blink of an eye. Elizabeth's laugh is light like a feather; Chrissy's is loud and obnoxious... but when you hear it you can't help but smile at it. They both have a passion for music except Elizabeth likes to be behind the scenes. Chrissy would never admit it but she likes to be on stage more. And Chrissy is a stubborn, hard-headed, sarcastic bitch when she wants to be. Elizabeth plays it safe, while Chrissy takes a risk...

"Haz?" Her voice snapped me out of my thoughts. I looked down to see her eyes were now open, staring at me expectantly. 


"I love you." She was trying to be cute, and to play along I smiled back. Those words dangled in the air, waiting for the right reply.

"I love you too, babe," moving my head on her side, I connected our lips slowly. It was a hesitant kiss, lacking the passion I had once felt. Pressing harder, I desperatley sought out the feeling that used to overwhelm me. It was nowhere, gone for forever. As I started to pull away, her hands heached up and grabbed ahold of my curls, trapping me in the kiss. Her moans used to drive me crazy, but now I didn't even get a single goosebump hearing them. I rolled over until I was hovering over her, working my lips against hers.

Please let there be a spark. Anything. I shouldn't keep holding onto this but I had to. She used to be my salvation- the only one to keep me positive on tours. We used to skype all the time when I was away, and she'd always tell me to stay strong. That we'd be together soon and everything would be alright and nothing would've changed. The thing I feared most happened; change. She may not have, but I did.

All because of one girl who makes me more terrified than I've ever felt in my entire life. I've heard her talk to Boobear about me, her feelings. The way I string her around like a lost puppy. I don't mean for it, it just happens. I hate myself for it, everynight she's in my arms. I'm wishing for her instead of my angel. She just had to come and ruin everything... Around her, everything is unfamiliar and I hate feeling like that.

I hate her. I just hate how much I love her. Love... I love her.

I pulled away from Elizabeth abruptly, her big blue eyes blinking up at me in confusion. "I-" I caught myself, guilt bubbling in the pit of my stomach. "I just can't express how... happy I am now that... you're here." Just help clear my mind of her, please, I silently beg. "I love you, I love you, I love you," I whisper with each kiss. Squeezing my eyes shut, I try to block out every bad decision I've made. I have to keep lying, I can't hurt both of them. Staying with Elizabeth hurts Chrissy, but fully cutting myself off from Elizabeth would not only hurt her, but part of me would be wounded. Why did I make everything so complicated?

Why did I have to fall in love with another?


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