Chapter Fifteen: Attraction 101

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“Chrissy!” I turned around as Harry ran up to me, nearly knocking the wind out of me. He planted kisses on my cheek, some-what slobbery. I finally pushed off the teenager with a glare.

“What the hell was that for?”

“The public announcement worked!” Harry whipped out a magazine cover and showed it to me. The headline ‘Mystery Girl Confirmed’ stared back at me. Harry and the girl had been kissing, her hands pulling on his shirt collar and his hands covering the sides of her face. Her blonde hair was whipping in the wind, a similar length to mine. “We’re a couple!” He stuffed the magazine back in his pocket before picking me up and twirling me. 

It’s about time. All week, today was Friday, we spent hours deciding on how to convince them. Numerous flirty tweets were sent, the other boys whined on their twitter about how adorable we were. We  posted tons of photos on random sites of us laughing together, Harry kissing my hand or my cheek. The boys even filmed another video but had me in the background making funny faces. At one point Harry had come up behind me, wrapping his arms around and giving my neck a peck. On Tuesday the boys had a short radio conversation. The interviewer again asked about Harry’s relationship and he said, I quote, “I have the best girlfriend in the world... Sorry Lou,” he joked.

Around school Harry would grab my hand or carry my books. It was surprising how much a gentleman he was. School was ending, another white day today. Everyone in musical was grabbing their stuff, auditions would be on soon. The musical is still undecided but either show would be fun. Niall came over to talk to me, leaving Abigail’s side for once.

“You coming home with us?” He smiled.

“Sure,” I shrugged. Harry’s arm went around my shoulder, something he did often. His lips kissed my temple, leaving a weird fluttering feeling in the pit of my stomach. Every time he gave me a little kiss, I kept thinking back to the time when we were in the closet. Our lips were so close... Wait- What am I thinking? “Is Louis going to be there?”

“I’m starting to think you like him more then me,” Harry pouted. I wanted to stand up on my tip toes and just kiss the pout off. In a friendly way of course! I think...

“You guys still have that secret bromance, don’t lie. I can’t believe Louis is the mistress! You always wanted someone tanner,” I fake sniffled, rubbing under my eye. “I just can’t satisfy you!”

“My little white girl,” Harry cooed at me.

“You two are just the cutest couple!” A sophomore turned to look at us. I felt my cheeks heat up as Harry smiled at her.

“Thank you so much. I’m Harry,” he stuck his free hand out.

“Jane,” she shook her hands with his.

“Nice to meet you, you’re really cool.”

It was her turn to blush as she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. “Thank you, the pleasures all mine.”

Harry was about to keep talking when the bell rang. We waved and said our goodbyes as she walked away. Harry held my hand as we walked to the car, opening my door for me. The rest of the boys piled in the back while drove.

“Turn it to Katy Perry!” Niall exclaimed with his phone in his hands. I did as he said, turning the radio off to the CD player, which held one of Louis’ albums. The boy really loved Katy Perry. Who didn’t?

The drive back to their hotel wasn’t long and the elevator ride was full of chatter. Liam was talking to me about a cute girl in his history class when we reached the suite. The expression on his face was adorable. I walked inside to find an awaiting Louis with his arms wide open. I jumped into them, missing his hugs. He squeezed me hard until I wailed that I had no breath left. He set me on my feet before ruffling my hair, making some of it come out of my french braid. I rolled my eyes and pushed him away.