Chapter Three: New Student Fever

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3- 26-9. My hand turned the dial on the deep blue skinny locker. People rushed behind me, Mondays were always hectic. The locker opened, I switched out binders and supplies. My white, Billa-Bong backpack hung low on my back. I was wearing old faded blue jean shorts and a loose sea green v-neck, with a old brown belt and my white vans on my feet. It was a beautiful morning, just starting to heat up. 

My long blonde hair was pulled into French braid, the different shades of blonde looking cooler then normally. As I inspected the back of my hand, longing it to be tanner instead of the awkward pale I was, someone cleared their throat behind me. My eyes darted to the mirror on the door of my locker, only to see a smile staring back. I turned around, looking up at the visitor. “Liam!” I grinned and he leaned in for a hug. 

“I found you first!” The light brown headed boy smiled at me. He was looking nice in a white and black horizontal stripped long sleeve with khaki pants, and red sneakers. “This school is like a maze!”

“Agreed! When I was a freshman I nearly broke down crying in the bathroom. All my friends had older siblings to guide them, but I was all alone.”

“You’re an only child?”

“We went over this, yes.” I reminded him with a smile. “Need me to point out anything to you?”

“No, this really pretty eyed girl already showed me my first class,” he grinned. “So many girls go to this school,” as he said this, his eyes were searching the hallways for girls.

I rolled my eyes jokingly. “Has anyone recognized you as a member of-”

“Oh my god! You’re from One Direction! Oh, my, god! Hi, oh my. I’m Kelly, I am like… Such a big fan! Can I have a photo with you?” A girl with a high ponytail and a Sea Side cheerleading uniform gushed. Kelly turned to me and handed me her fancy phone. “Will you take it? That’s the camera button,” she smiled. Kelly snuggled up closely to Liam’s side, putting on a big smile.

“Say cheese,” I cooed.

“Cheese!” Liam smiled as I snapped the photo. I snapped another one of the two talking just for her and handed it back to her.

“Thank you so much!” She gushed. “I can’t believe you go to this school! This is so awesome! I have to go but thank you so much!” Kelly wrapped her arms around Liam in a unsuspected hug and kissed his cheek. “Bye!” She said cheerfully.

Liam turned to me with a big smirk on his face. “Does that answer your question?”

“So you, Zayn, Niall, and Harry are all seniors. Is Louis in college?” I asked, switching the topic.

“Louis is taking some online courses, he’s oldest out of all of us. Harry brought his car, so if you need a ride to or from school, we can give you one.”

“Oh, okay thanks.” I smiled up at Liam. “What lunch do you have?” Liam pulled his schedule and handed it to me to read. “You have C too? This is great! Only at C lunch can you go off campus for lunch. Try to find me okay? I have to go to AP Bio, see you soon Liam!” I smiled and handed him back his schedule, he quickly hugged me and was off on his own. As I walked down the hallway I saw girls eyeing me, most likely wondering why someone like me was talking to Liam.

I wasn’t super popular in school, but I didn’t care. Friends were friends, and I tried to get along with everyone. As my feet walked up the stairs and around corners to my first block class I felt someone shove my backpack. I ignored it, but when the person did it a second time I turned around to see a bright blonde headed boy grinning back. “Hi Niall,” I greeted.

“Chris! I don’t understand this schedule!” He whined.

I laughed as he handed me his schedule. “Okay, it’s really simple. We have two days, blue and white days. On blue days, you have your first 4 periods; each class is about 90 minutes. Lunch is 40 minutes.  On white days you have these 4 classes, and it switches off. So some weeks you have 3 blue days, and some weeks you have 2 blue days. Is this starting to make sense? Today, your first period is Nutrition which is just down that hall,” I pointed out. “And tomorrow, the first period of the day for you is journalism.”

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