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Pen Your Pride you made me run all the way for this!

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Clare's POV.

As soon as I reached  the destination, I bolted straight towards it knowing nobody that I knew would be around..well at least not the ones in the Agency.I stepped into the place just to be be greeted by my arch rival,Denis. You see Denis I swore he hated me for no reason but if I was like any other girl...lets say I would of think of him as...*shudder* hot. But that aint happening, cause he's always looking for a chance to make me look pathetic. And lets say I wasnt in my best mood today.

I pretented to ignore for the best but then.."where you going Clare?"Denis asked with a sneer. I continued to ignore walking quickly to the meeting room. If you were wondering how big it was lets say a whole lotta bigger than a mansion.(cause I dont like bothering to check the size i wont say how big exactly) "Clare!"Dennis yelled. Damn! he's persistent! I started to speed walk.

"Clare!"he yelled once again. Oh he soo gonna get it..."wait lets kick his ass later in training"my conscious told me. "well its lovely to hear you again"I told my conscious. I looked inside the room despite Denis's annoying voice yelling at me. There sat our boss Maddy.

Stop a quickie info on Maddeline Hawerth(aka Maddy)

Well she was awesome out martial arts and was the best out of our agents before she took position after her parents as Boss. She had long wavy brown hair but if you looked into your eyes prepare to meet the worse. Act cocky she'll throw you into the sea. Piss her off and she'll find a way to blackmail you. But despite all that Maddy was my best friend so she was on my side when I had a battle with Denis.


"Clare!" Maddy greeted but when she saw Dennis her expression turned sour"Oh Dennis*cough*-assh*le- How Lovely*cough*-horrible* To See You *cough*-not.." Denis sat beside me not knowing what Maddy said. He looked at me with a weird expression as I struggled to keep a straight face.

"As you see recent activities from GOBS"she started to say"and I suspect a certain boy who exchanged schools to yours Clare to be in trouble." Wait, I didnt like the sound of where this was going. "So I've assigned you and Dennis to protect him"she said with a sympathetic look to me. No this cant be happening!


HEHE SOO HERES THE NEW CHAP!! CAN ANYONE FIND ANY CELEBRITIES THAT SUITE MY CHARCTERS? on side been stuck in my head will probably go with my other anime is quite sad

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