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Finding my Forever  by DreamDust_x
Finding my Forever by DreamDust_x
Thirteen years ago was the last time the West boys last saw their mother and little sister. Thirteen years ago was the last time they held their youngest sibling in the...
Unlocked Hearts Book 2 in the Hearts Series  by sajmra
Unlocked Hearts Book 2 in the 👑 Queen Saj 👑
Sami Sulayman has been a secret agent for the past ten years working for the FBI, and after assisting in one of the biggest busts to date, he expects everything else in...
The Forgotten Ones. by Duggish
The Forgotten Duggish
Seventeen year old Elias is less than happy when his family decides to up and move to a small, dreary town. Of course, his opinion doesn't matter. Not when all his dad c...
~Your Mine!~ Yandere Izuku x Reader by Meh_Hecc
~Your Mine!~ Yandere Izuku x Readerby Unknown Error
Yandere Izuku Midoriya × Female Reader All it took was one meeting for Izuku Midoriya to fall head over heels for Our reader, but fate decided to separate them two only...
Finding Ford by dougmcquaid
Finding Fordby konnor
Jas gives me a sympathetic look. She sighs heavily, long nails tapping against the wooden table, dodging the 'Missing' posters scattered all over the surface. "Mayb...
Kadhambari by kirthiquack
Kadhambariby kirthiquack
Born with a weak heart and a strong mind, a baby girl bearing all curses of the world, having faced a traumatic childhood, is determined to find the purpose of her life...
𝐇𝐎𝐓 𝐂𝐎𝐂𝐎𝐀 ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ CLUE 🎄
The Mystery of The Box by KabrookSamira
The Mystery of The Boxby Kabrook Samira
Book 1 of The Many Adventures of Lily and Blue. Lily lives with a rich family in Wales. When she discovers a strange looking box in the woods, many unfortunate events be...
The Truth Of My Life by hilary_hl
The Truth Of My Lifeby Hilary
Callis Victoria Lane is a girl who lives in a rich and wealthy family. Her parents sweared to her that they're her real parents. Callis believes them, until some news po...
Blood in the Water by M1ckaaa
Blood in the Waterby ~ Micka Writes ~
• Nicholas Watts is being accused of mass murder. However, unable to properly trace the crimes to him, they assign top detective and Criminal Psychologist Celestia King...
The binding ties  by sugar_rush17
The binding ties by sugar_rush17
Two children One separation Many destinations Ace Richardson and Blossom Knight were childhood sweethearts .... more like NOT. They couldn't spend a second together...
Bleeding Tears of Guilty Minds by Riley666_777
Bleeding Tears of Guilty Mindsby Riley666_777
When a billionaire dies, she sends out 11 notes to the poorest people around the world. After spending 14 days on a ranch, the battle begins...
clueless | h.s by rosesalyssa
clueless | h.sby alyssa
Brandon King disappeared three days after his wedding. No warning, no reason, and no one knows how. And somehow, Scarlet Burns is in charge of finding him. Despite the h...
Serial Killer Roommate by LadyLioness5
Serial Killer Roommateby N.N.
Cafe owner and part time Psychologist and Psychiatrist, Victoria Ferguson has a lot on her hands, and barely any room for anything outside of work. The only people she k...
The Perfect Posse  by theendofeverything03
The Perfect Posse by Violette
"We are as responsible for Rosalind's death. So, don't you dare back out now. We all have our secrets which is making us feel guilty. Own up to it and help me find...
Clues (Kenma x Kuroo) by InsertName98
Clues (Kenma x Kuroo)by Ehmjay
Kenma wakes up one day and finds out that his partner Kuroo, wasnt sleeping beside him. He goes downstairs to find a mysterious note, most likely left by Kuroo. Will the...
A Race Against Time // Apply fic // closed by abcdefghijllmnaop
A Race Against Time // Apply AspenKomCommentkru
When a group of friends decide to go on a road trip it becomes a race against time when stop for a break and they witness a murder outside of a abandoned gas station. Wh...
Never Letting Go (Draft) by AnnMichiefics
Never Letting Go (Draft)by AnnMichie
Status: Complete Hermione Granger has spent twenty years searching for the missing Potions Master. When she finally finds him he's not the man he use to be. ------- MY L...
The Serial Killer in me by Miz_Gold
The Serial Killer in meby Gold Monday-Odin
Edited by: a very lovely @jgfairytales Can you love a serial killer? No? Why not? How would you know they were a serial killer? It could be your neighbor. It could be yo...
Decrypting Reality by satangotnoback12
Decrypting Realityby satangotnoback12
It's been eight months since the personification of the United States went missing. Everyone has searched and searched, only to have found nothing. While everyone else h...