the HORROR of the mall

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"Amelia Grandsworth what are you doing here?"I asked the person stannding in front of me. "why darling I' ve gone over your closet and your taste in clothes is possitivility horrible"she said with a high pitched voice.

You see Amelia Grandsworth(also known as most wanted stylist whose nickname was MIMI I know weird right?) is my "Aunt." I mean she's one of the worst nightmares come true and hated being related to this woman. She had brown hair with blonde highlights styled into curls and ringlets. Her clothes mostly consist of the colour PINK. (which she thought guys found sexy) Yeah I mean a little pink on clothes was ok  but when you see a grown woman wearing full on Fluro Pink Tracksuit(which supposingly "the latest thing" *note supposingly*) and 4 inches high pink heels it was terrifing.

Anyway I was wondering how in the world girls could walk in those things called heels while my aunt was gracefully dragging me out of the office talking about what girls these days should wear. 

My phone started ringing when I was sitting in my aunt's horrid pink limo. As she continued to drone on about clothes, I cautiously opened my phone and checked the message.

Dear Clare

A sudden meeting has sprung up

Must arrive at the Mockingbirds

Come as soon as you can

From Robin

"Great!"I thought"I can get out of this horrible trip to the mall but how?" Suddenly I had an idea. It was risky since she was indeed a sharp eye. quick but carefully as possible I reached for her lucky pink purse. I knew if she lost it she would arrange all her bodyguards(she famous so what do you expect?) to search for it, giving me a chance to escape.

Just at the last moment the limo halted to a stop and since I didnt have my seatbelt on I stunbled forth missing a perfect opportunity. Suddenly I was lifted from the floor and dragged out to the Mall. It was quite big which I didnt bother to notice before cause never went and only got clothes from my agency BIRDS.

A Brief explantion on my Agency BIRDS:

BIRDS was an agency that not evil nor bad. We stole treasures cause they were'nt "pure." GOBS were a group of People that planted demonlike creatures(I know it sounds the unreal but do you know the saying believing is seeing) on treasures making others who see the treasures fill with greed and all that bad stuff. We give it to one our Healers to purify the treasure to its original state. The treasure is later returned with an WhiteWingAngel Figure.

But those stupid police and detectives who think they're all that make our jobs much much harder.Especially those 5 detectives who are descendents of Mark Hawkers arch rival of my ansector Lady Phantom. Im only one of those agents but the most well known. I steal treasures to make the world a better place(or do I?) Therefore thy name Lady Phantom!

~~~~Back to the present~~~~

"Noooo let me go!"I shouted at my aunt. "nuhah"she waved her finger like mother to a child"we're going shopping whether you like it or not!" fudgcakes how was I suppose to get out of this? Quickly I sent a message to my only person who could get me out of this problem.




sincerly TW(ps madeline dont be such a party pooper!)

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