Despised by the Alpha by Goofygirl115
Despised by the Alphaby Sophie Griffiths
"Alpha Lucas... she's a rouge." I sat up in the chair and my eyes widened... he wasn't meant to know that. The love in my mate's eyes vanished and they were so...
  • love
  • mate
  • lovers
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Keepers of the Dragon Slayer's Hearts by littlebookworm13
Keepers of the Dragon Slayer's Hea...by Katie Simmet
Every Dragon Slayer has to find their mates at some point in time. Lucy Heartfilia gets abused by her father every night and is forced to work at Fairy Tail as a maid t...
  • bullied
  • romace
  • gale
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god among hunters (neglected and hated nikos male reader xrwby) by Atomkiller12
god among hunters (neglected and h...by Atomkiller12
this will be my first story so sorry if its shit so you are pyrrha's younger brother who lost all this fame to his older sister (rwby belongs to rooster teeth )
  • malereader
  • harlock
  • rwby
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Arranged Marriage  by Haikyuis4U
Arranged Marriage by Unknown2U
I did a one-shot of this and I got inspired. Izuku must pick between Katsuki Bakugou and Shouto Todoroki. The thing is she must pick by the end of High School. Not to m...
  • hated
  • royalty
  • arranged
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Being Rejected Hurts, But Revenge Is Better [COMPLETED] by OnlySadDreamer
Being Rejected Hurts, But Revenge...by ♡ Teresa ♡
As being the only omega in the pack, that results as being bullied... by everyone... even by my family. When I find out that my mate is the alpha in my pack, things don'...
  • hated
  • alpha
  • jerks
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♡┇My Diary by airauu
♡┇My Diaryby ❝ Ⲕ Ꭺ Ⲩ ❞
(( posts, questions, tags, and more )) ─────────── hope you enjoy my life ♡
  • emo
  • kawaii
  • aesthetic
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Book 1 ~ The Coming Storm by Brightflame365
Book 1 ~ The Coming Stormby Aspensky
***DISCLAIMER**** Warriors does not belong to me. It belongs to Erin Hunter. I give full credit to her. This is only a fanfiction. Life is tough in MountainClan. Scarce...
  • warriorcats
  • rejected
  • wattpride
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The Hated And The Loved. (Klance) by SchuniePop
The Hated And The Loved. (Klance)by Tiny_Buns ~☆
high school Au. As known in highschool everyone has a title. You have the jocks, princesses, and many more. But what's Keith and Lances? they thought they'd be called t...
  • klance
  • shiro
  • hated
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Abusive Rose/Xiao Long Family X Male Reader - Angels To Demons. by TGFOAnime2803
Abusive Rose/Xiao Long Family X Ma...by 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
My name is Y/N Rose....the son and apparent 'mistake' of Summer Rose and Taiyang Xiao Long and the 'weak' and hated little brother of both Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long...
  • neglectfulfamily
  • abusiveparents
  • abuse
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I Waited you Didn't by x_mysteriousness_x
I Waited you Didn'tby x_mysteriousness_x
"Don't leave me"I say with tears in my eyes "i will be back for you"He says hugging me tightly "i will will wait for you until i die"I say...
  • hurt
  • unrecovable
  • bestfriendshate
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The Gangleader {#Wattys2017} ✔️ by OptimumWifi6
The Gangleader {#Wattys2017} ✔️by Optimumwifi6
#624 in teen fiction on October 3, 2017 #949 in Teen fiction on October 9, 2017 #178 in Teen fiction on October 14, 2017 "Can I ask you a question?" He asked...
  • princess
  • muted
  • wattys2017
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Sinner by bbom0511
Sinnerby Lyz
Synopsis I was hated. Many people were disgusted with the thought of me. I was thrown away from the society. I'm what they call disgrace. I don't understand. What did I...
  • hannah
  • hated
  • random
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Innocent↛Z.D.H by SweetMelody176
Innocent↛Z.D.Hby Sweet Melody
You just moved from Texas to LA and you recently started high school,you meet new people but you bump into a cute boy and then your world flips around...
  • zachherron
  • corbynbesson
  • jonahmarais
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Gacha stories by xWinter_Hunterx
Gacha storiesby 《Mia Lycan》
All in the Title! WARNING:CLICHÈS!!!!!!
  • child
  • hated
  • gacha
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Bleeding Hearts by Secretquietlygirl
Bleeding Heartsby Tessa
"Take a risk and fall in love with every chance you get." Descriptive Individual Romance Roleplay
  • hated
  • random
  • original
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I'm What You Created by YorikoUchihasRulez16
I'm What You Createdby Yori
Naruto is beaten half to death and no one helps him. Not even the hokage. In fact the hokage saves the villagers from Naruto. He just lets all of his anger out one day l...
  • fanfiction
  • kuramauzumaki
  • demon
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He Saved Me by MeganCarena
He Saved Meby 🌿 Meg-Meg 🌿
16 Year Old Mary, Is Starting Her Junior School Year. Mary has an extremely tuff life. Her dad is abusive and her mom doesn't have a well paid work. She soon meets someo...
  • romance
  • him
  • romancefiction
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The Pack Slut (Rejected Omega #1) Completed by Eunice_Amnell
The Pack Slut (Rejected Omega #1)...by Eunice
Imogen nicknamed Ginny since as long as she can remember by everyone, is the daughter of the second beta of her pack, she also happens to be the true mate to the next Al...
  • hated
  • pack
  • luna
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Captured (Jeff the Killer) by JeffTheKillerLovers
Captured (Jeff the Killer)by JeffTheKillerLovers
We fight, we break up. We kiss, we make up. We're going in circles, being chased by your demons. Sirens and flashing lights fill my life now, even though my colors are s...
  • hated
  • killer
  • creepy
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Poem by AlwaysHereForYouu
Poemby AlwaysHereForYouu
I will be posting the poems that i write :) hope you like them :) I love you all & Stay Strong
  • bullied
  • pain
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