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Being Rejected Hurts, But Revenge Is Better [COMPLETED] by OnlySadDreamer
Being Rejected Hurts, But Revenge...by ♡ Teresa ♡
As being the only omega in the pack, that results as being bullied... by everyone... even by my family. When I find out that my mate is the alpha in my pack, things don'...
  • strong-female
  • werewolves
  • hated
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the opposite(diabolik lovers ) by cielphantom1300
the opposite(diabolik lovers )by cilois
(y/n) komori is a random girl she is known as a shadow to yui komori her sister of course her father seiji komori has been abusing her for no reason she was always taken...
  • kanato
  • yui
  • ayato
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A second chance by betaX17
A second chanceby betaX17
Riku has never had a good life, as cliche as it sounded he was hated by his pack and family, shunned for being a black omega as well as adopted. He remembers nothing ha...
  • omega
  • werewolf
  • ooutcast
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The Hated And The Loved. (Klance) by SchuniePop
The Hated And The Loved. (Klance)by Tiny_Buns ~☆
high school Au. As known in highschool everyone has a title. You have the jocks, princesses, and many more. But what's Keith and Lances? they thought they'd be called t...
  • hunk
  • lance
  • shiro
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The Gangleader {#Wattys2017} ✔️ by OptimumWifi6
The Gangleader {#Wattys2017} ✔️by OptimumWifi6
#624 in Teen fiction on October 3, 2017 #949 in Teen fiction on October 9, 2017 #178 in Teen fiction on October 14, 2017 #136 In #Mute on January 10, 2019 "Can I as...
  • drugs
  • hated
  • princess
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The Maid||NJR by x_NeymarJr_x
The Maid||NJRby J Balvin ❤
Chelsy is a young 20 year old girl who belongs to a very poor family. Her parents do anything to survive their everyday life. Both of her parents worked all day and all...
  • barcelona
  • good
  • neighbors
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I Am Reese by sprittals98
I Am Reeseby Starts with an 'A'
Reese has always dreamed of being a YouTube star, but all she's done is make rant videos that she never posts. So when her younger sister finds them and puts them online...
  • loved
  • declan
  • amanda
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god among hunters (neglected and hated nikos male reader xrwby) by Atomkiller12
god among hunters (neglected and h...by Atomkiller12
this will be my first story so sorry if its shit so you are pyrrha's younger brother who lost all this fame to his older sister (rwby belongs to rooster teeth )
  • rwby
  • harlock
  • neglected
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WANTED! & LOVED by Jewelarose
Cole's never known the meaning of the word love. His parents never utter the word to him, nor did anyone else. Well that could be due to him never spending time with any...
  • hated
  • wolf
  • boyxboy
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Alone and Fine by iamnotmagic
Alone and Fineby AGhostlyShadow
They didn't know her. No one really did. After all, who actually was she? One of the pretty girls? Nah, too ugly. One of the stupid girls? Nah, too smart. One of the pop...
  • ugly
  • lonely
  • friendship
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The Odd One Out by Lunar_The_vampire
The Odd One Outby Lunar_The_vampire
This story is about a high school girl named luna that had hair as black as coal, broken grey eyes, and skin of paper, she wore a black dress that was once white... she...
  • demonic
  • hated
  • bullying
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It's Only a Title by insane_girl_97
It's Only a Titleby insane_girl_97
The words, sweet kind and caring come to mind when you think of Niome (Nigh-oh-me) However witty and charming are there as well. Nimoe's dad was the was the most feared...
  • hated
  • love
  • family
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To a Mother by Nickelladue
To a Motherby Nickelladue
  • please
  • sad
  • dead
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Chilli Peppers by AceTheAce105171
Chilli Peppersby AceTheAce
I'm not too sure yet. I'm kinda writing as I go so ill come up with a description after a couple chapters, when I have a basic idea for my story.
  • sadness
  • hope
  • hated
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Footsteps by TanzeelFatima8
Footstepsby Tanzeel Fatima
When people enter in our lifes or when they leave...they make sure that they have footprints in your heart or an impact on our lifes.
  • herlove
  • youleft
  • poetry
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7 Crowns by xSolardreamx
7 Crownsby XSolardreamx
Prince Daniel Austin was born into a royal family of 3, making him the second child of Rosalia and Terrance Austin, and little brother of his older sister, Serena. Soon...
  • depressed
  • kingdom
  • royal
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Stuck with me  by Megz_101
Stuck with me by _Megan_
When Carson is forced to move in with his moms bestfriend and her daughter Maya. What will happen? Maya- is a very rich, spoilt girl with her very posh family behind her...
  • spoilt
  • perfect
  • mom
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Brads sister by bradsgirl1
Brads sisterby bradsgirl1
hi im Taylor Simpson, before u say anything yes im Brads Simpsons sister from The Vamps, my hole life has been a rollercoster! why wasn't i told brad was my brother? wi...
  • simpson
  • bradley
  • hated
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