P R O M I S E S ;; J G by skizzymaloley
P R O M I S E S ;; J Gby ya girl
"promise me that no matter how famous you get, you'll come back to me" She gazed at Jack, her eyes glistening with tears. He nodded, linking his pinky with he...
  • sammywilk
  • jackjohnson
  • teenlove
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The Good Girl's Promise by Abbey1947
The Good Girl's Promiseby ~ A b b e y ~
She was fire; he was ice. He was bad and she was good. He was rude cocky and arrogant. She was sarcastic, depressed and lonely. Opposites attract. But so do lies, murde...
  • thegoodgirlspromise
  • mystery
  • teenlove
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Peanut Butter Kisses by FeatherMemories
Peanut Butter Kissesby Lin
EDITED VERSION OF ONCE UPON A KISS (C) 2016 FEATHERMEMORIES COVER BY: BROKENSTARSS ______________________ "Kiss me a hundred times when you come back, pinky swear...
  • onceuponakiss
  • poopy
  • kisses
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// FANZONED // D.S • Why Dont We by queenbehindshadow
// FANZONED // D.S • Why Dont Weby a l e x
Two old friends. two old lovers. two old childhood bestfriends. two old souls. two old hearts. two old smiles. Two old memories. Two old hopes. what if? what if those t...
  • whydontwe
  • cute
  • somethingdifferent
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Do You Promise? G.B.D by CreateDolan1
Do You Promise? G.B.Dby Lia
|If your going to play the game, play it by the rules| Part one of "Do You Promise" completed. Nothing special or perfect, Isabelle a 16 year old teenager get...
  • teenlove
  • humor
  • dolantwins
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The Alpha's Human (book2) by wolf158
The Alpha's Human (book2)by Wolfy
Sequel to "The Alpha's Huntress" Avery Powers. Adopted by a harsh and cruel man when she was 3. She was abused by him at the age of 10. She finally has enough...
  • luna
  • wolf
  • mistakes
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Treat Me Like Somebody (Plus Size Romance) by AngeliqueKiddKidd
Treat Me Like Somebody (Plus Angelique KiddKidd
Karina, the plus size Bestfriend to the popular college football player Sebastian has fell in love with her Bestfriend. Will they every make it to the couple status or w...
  • football
  • love
  • bestfriends
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Vaada hai yeh tujhse mere sanam by sanyayaa
Vaada hai yeh tujhse mere sanamby sanyayaa
this is a ❤swasan TS ❤.This TS is based on memory loss track . where swara lost her Memory, And Sanskar come in baadi as❤ kissan💖 how Sanskar will take out his prince...
  • swasan
  • promises
  • love
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OBSESSIVE by Crazymuzmuz
i always loved you, skye. i had to destroy them. but skye, please, i never, not once, intended to- >•>•>•>•>•>•>•>•>•>•>•>•>•>•...
  • shortstory
  • death
  • destruction
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broken promises ( robin fanfiction) by jendeukiechenn
broken promises ( robin fanfiction)by jendeukiechenn
young justice belongs to DC comics. dick grayson has changed after a few broken promises. started: 01/02/2016 finished: 09/09/2016 (holy shii this is old)
  • wefighton
  • dickgrayson
  • brucewayne
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Thick & Thugin by Asiatherealest
Thick & Thuginby Asiatherealest
"Your not ever getting away from me" he tightens his hands around my wrist. "Fuck you" *********************************...
  • beatings
  • family
  • promises
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A Pirates Dream by -DemonChild
A Pirates Dreamby Nico Robin
Story of 3 brothers and one 1 girl who one brother cares for more then anything. "Lucy! You can't the island! Your dad can't be serious about this?!" Luffy yel...
  • onepiece
  • lucyheartfilia
  • dream
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Mr.CEO |✔️ by dany2256
Mr.CEO |✔️by dany2256
{***Not Edited***} Daviana Flores. Stubborn and hardworking young woman who some would say is breathtakingly beautiful. She never had a steady job to sustain herself but...
  • stubborness
  • jealous
  • romance
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Swasan Two Shots; Tu Humnava Mera✔️ by anandruchi
Swasan Two Shots; Tu Humnava Mera✔️by anandruchi
This story based on show track where ragini truth came out but concept is totally different from original show, Sanskar love swara but he has no hope that she will love...
  • swasan
  • swara
  • emotion
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Demons Together (A Blue Exorcist Fanfic) by sunshinestar14
Demons Together (A Blue Exorcist sunshinestar14
This is a Blue Exorcist Fanfiction! \(^o^)/ **************************************** After defeating Satan, things have been normal and well at True Cross Acadamy. Excep...
  • izumokamiki
  • memories
  • gehenna
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I Promise (Percy&Annabeth AU) by CaptainSaltWaterXD
I Promise (Percy&Annabeth AU)by BTS_4_Lyf
Annabeth Chase,17,moves to NYC Manhattan until she bumps into a boy who's going to change her life. Percy Jackson,17,goes to Goode High until he meets a girl who's going...
  • hermione
  • percy
  • promises
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Better Half  by cotton_blossom
Better Half by Aashi Pathak
He was all set to say no to the girl he was going to meet but after seeing her he couldn't help but agree for the arrange marriage with her... She didn't wanted to get m...
  • spouse
  • trust
  • friendship
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A Chapter Untold by thelonewriter_
A Chapter Untoldby augustus
Sa isang istorya, may lihim na kabanata. Ipinagkait upang hindi na pang gambalahin ang alam ng lahat, itinago, inilihim at ginawang isang palabas. At sila, hindi na pan...
  • romance
  • danielpadilla
  • promises
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The Encounter by MissNiaLove
The Encounterby Nia
The most feared man in the United States who doesn't take no for an answer. Some people call him the walking Devil, a very powerful one at that. He's a multi-billionaire...
  • sarcastic
  • rich
  • mature
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The Scorpion (Tokyo Ghoul) COMPLETED by brevitempore
The Scorpion (Tokyo Ghoul) dead roses
"I don't know who I am, who I was, or who I will be. All I know is the monster I'm becoming and an unbearable guilt that has been forced into my hand since the day...
  • anime
  • sacrifice
  • touka
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