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don't eat. don't eat. don't eat. don't eat. don't eat. don't eat. don't. eat. - ana


We arrived to what the boys called home about 30 minutes later. The car pulled up a driveway and into a garage. Ashton grabbed my suitcase for me and led me into the house through the garage door.

We were in a foyer, which split into two hallways and also had a pretty stair case.

"You guys can go do whatever and I'll show her around," Ashton shrugged, and I watched as Michael and Luke raced off down the hallway.

Calum kicked his shoes off at the mat and lazily climbed the stairs.

"Sorry about him. He's been moody lately," Ashton smiled. "Anyway, this hallway leads outside."

We walked down it together, leaving my stuff at the front door. Outside there was a whole yard, a patio, and a pool in the center. He showed me where the living room and kitchen were on the first floor, then we climbed up the stairs.

In the center was a giant room, which Ashton described as an extra living room upstairs. The top floor split into hallways, so we went down the right hallway first.

"You, Michael, and Luke are all on this side, and Calum and I are on the other side. Oh, and that's a guest room next to Michael. And we have a studio on the other side next to my room so you'll hear us in there sometimes," Ashton explained as he walked me around.

"And that's basically it. Well feel free to explore. I'm gonna go order pizza," Ashton smiled and went back downstairs.

I looked at my door and sighed before pushing it open and stepping inside. The inside was gorgeous, decorated with a pretty white bed, Christmas lights up on the walls, a few black and white pictures hanging up, and a white dresser. I rolled my suitcase over to the bed and let out a breath and collapsed down onto the soft fabric.

Everything was so new and overwhelming and I was nervous to live with here with four young boys I didn't even know. Despite my racing mind I closed my eyes for a few seconds, which eventually turned to minutes.


"Should we wake her up?"

"I don't know."

"We can't just let her skip dinner."

"But she's had a long day –"

I opened my eyes upon hearing voices, snapping out of my sleep and crashing back into reality. The room was blurry for a few seconds as I tried to wake up, but I was so tired and so comfortable.

"Hey, we know you're probably exhausted but Ashton wanted us to come get you for dinner," Michael said, crouching down beside my bed with Luke.


The thought of it made my stomach growl and ache.

"Oh okay," I rubbed my face. "I'll be down in a second."

The two boys nodded and left my room, cracking the door behind them. After a few seconds of contemplating the situation I rolled out of bed. I fixed myself in the mirror, and even made sure to pinch all of my fat as a sort of motivation.

You could lose all of this if you skipped dinner tonight, the little voice in the back of my head said.

I went downstairs and found the boys all in the kitchen, fighting over pieces of pizza.

"Luke if you don't hurry up I swear I'll throw a shoe at your face," Michael groaned, rolling his eyes as Luke took his time putting two slices of the cheesy pizza onto his plate.

"Language!" Ashton coughed, and Michael's eyes flickered up to me.

"Sorry," he laughed, cheeks a slight pink tint.

Luke finally got his slice and even gave Michael a small kick to the leg before walking over to the table and sassily plopping down. Were these guys five years old?

"Erm, I forgot to tell you, but I'm allergic to the tomato sauce," I desperately said.

"Allergic to tomato sauce?" Ashton questioned, looking at me strangely.

I felt heat spread across my face as the kitchen went dead silent and everyone looked over at me.

"Yeah... It's, uh, weird," I wanted to kick myself.

Allergic to tomato sauce? Really? I'm an idiot.

"Oh," Ashton frowned and set his plate down, looking around the kitchen. "Well we don't really have anything else. I need to go to the store tomorrow."

"That's okay," I said. "I ate at Mrs. Briggs so I'm full."

"Are you sure?" Ashton pursued.

I nodded.

"I feel bad. Do you still want to sit with us?"

I shrugged and went over, settling in the seat in between Michael and Calum. Ashton came over after grabbing his pizza and sat down next to Luke across the table.

"There's probably an apple over there or something, do you want that?" Ashton asked.

"No I'm fine," I said.

"But your stomach –" Ashton cut himself off and sighed. "Alright. If you get hungry there's a few crackers and probably some fruit down here."

Dinner was painful. I sat there and had to deal with four boys eating about three or four slices each, and then down cans of soda after. The thought of how many calories they were all consuming was enough to make me want to scream and go run a mile. I remember exercise and started itching to do something.

"Can I go upstairs?" I asked Ashton right after everyone finished eating.

He nodded, and watched as I ran upstairs. I closed my door and went to work, doing as many sets of various workouts I could until I felt like I'd faint and throw up my insides at any second.


double update woo

someone gave me the amazing idea of putting the day and Daisy's weight as the chapter name thingys, but I don't think that would work bc sometimes I'll have two different days in one chapter you knowww :(

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