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"sometimes the girl who's always been there for everyone else, needs someone to be there for her." - unknown


It had been a long week, full of fighting with Ashton over how little I ate and him trying to get me ready to go back to school. At this point, I was sure the boys suspected something was up with me, but Ashton either didn't notice or didn't care.

And I wasn't sure if that made me disappointed, motivated or sad.

"Good luck, Daisy!" Michael and Luke yelled from upstairs, looking down the stairs at me with bright, eager eyes.

"Bye guys!" I waved up the stairs, then walked into the kitchen to say goodbye to Calum.

"Bye Cal," we waved at each other.

"Good luck," Calum smiled.

Ashton and I had only just stepped out the house, when Michael suddenly screamed from inside.

"Or should we say 'hood luck'!"

Michael cackled at his joke, Luke let out girly giggles, and Calum groaned, just as Ashton shut the door behind us.

"I hate them," Ashton rolled his eyes and unlocked the car, walking over to the drivers side.

"Excuse me?"

We looked up to find Michael had opened his bedroom window, and was now peering down at us.

"Michael it's early for this," Ashton whined and jumped into the car.

I couldn't help but to laugh as I climbed in too.


I nervously clutched my schedule I had picked up from the office as I walked into the new classroom. The class wasn't full of students yet, only a few were inside when I got there.

My shaking legs carried me over to the desk at the back of the room, where a kind looking, middle aged woman sat.

"Uh, hi, I'm, um, new here," I stammered, and in that moment I wished I could just have slapped myself for sounding so stupid.

"Daisy, right?" the woman stood and gave me a wide smile.

I nodded, too scared to speak because I could feel curious eyes staring into the back of my head.

"It's so nice to meet you!" the woman cheerfully exclaimed, only drawing more attention. "I'm Mrs. Williams, and I hope you enjoy this class."

Mrs. Williams picked up a chart from her desk and scanned it, thinking out a plan as she looked back and fourth between the desks and the paper.

"Oh! Is the back corner okay?" she asked, and when I noticed she continued. "Okay great, you'll be in the seat in the corner next to Auburn. Auburn, can you wave?"

I turned and gave a small smile to the girl that waved at the two of us. She looked oddly familiar, and I knew I had seen her before.

"Go take your seat. The bell is about to ring."

I nodded and walked away from Mrs. Williams, over to the opposite corner of the room.

The girl smiled at me as I sat behind her, flipping her long blonde hair over her shoulder as she looked up at me.

"Hi, what's your name?" Auburn curiously asked, blue eyes trained on me.


"Cool! Im Auburn, even though Williams told you that," she laughed. "Not to be weird or anything, but you look really familiar?"

A lightbulb went off in my head, and I noticed it went off in hers too when her eyes lit up and she leaned a little closer towards me.

"Target!" she giggled.


The bell rang, interrupting our conversation. Auburn gave me one last friendly smile, before turning to face the right way in her seat. I let out a content sigh and turned back around in my seat too.

"Hey," Auburn leaned over and whispered as the announcements began. "At the end, show me your schedule and I'll try to show you around. Maybe we'll have classes together."

I nodded, actually looking forward for the rest of today.


hello how are you?

i might have a pinched nerve or something idk what's going on but it huuurrttsss

sorry for another short chapter but yknow things happen lol might be busy tomorrow but if i'm not i'll try to update again :)

stay positive. ily <3

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