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uploaded: 4/2/17

hii it's your fav 5sos trash what's up

this is the new version of 99 skinny so like if you've never read the old version (even tho it's trash) maybe read that first bc this will most likely have slowish uploads :) or not, you do you.

I'll probably change the cover and edit the description, but yeah for now here's the book. hopefully I'll have the first chapter up very soon!

((also if you've been wondering about suicide hotline I'll maybe come back to that in the summer okiee))


- this book involves serious topics like eating disorders, self-harm and suicide. I'll obviously put trigger warnings :)

- it will also have some strong language in it so also be cautious of that

- im not making fun of these topics or trying to upset someone. i myself have been through some of the things the characters have so im in no way writing this with the intention to hurt someone. im always here if you need someone to talk to :)

anyway, I hope you enjoy it regardless :)

stay positive. ily <3

- kenzie <3

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