99 Skinny

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"I'm bored."

Danielle, Malina, Michael, Calum, Luke and Daisy were all gathered in the living room, sitting around and doing absolutely nothing. Danielle turned towards the voice, finding Malina and Michael snuggled up close. Michael had thrown his head back, letting out a dramatic sigh to furthermore express his boredom.

"Let's watch a movie," Danielle turned the TV on and flipped through the movie channels. "Ooh, Finding Nemo!"

"I don't want to watch finding Nemo," Michael stubbornly groaned.

"Too bad," she teased, sticking her tongue out at him. "I'm hungry and Ashton said dinner would be on him tonight. Could someone go get him?"

"I will. Where is he?" Daisy quickly volunteered, sitting up in her seat.

Luke, who had been comfortable sat beside her, directed a sideways glance in her direction at the sudden movement.

I could use the extra exercise, she figured.

"Thank you!" Danielle cooed. "He's upstairs."

Daisy nodded and stood up, making her way across the living room of their beach house, and up the stairs. Her legs shook and she was so sure she'd collapse at any second, but she forced herself to keep going. Once at the top of the room, Daisy halted, her eyes glancing towards the long, landscape window. The window provided Daisy with a perfect view of the beach they were staying at for vacation, the setting sun painting the sky in hues of pink and orange. For a moment, Daisy felt at peace, until hushed voices from the room only feet away brought her back to reality. Daisy took gentle steps towards the door, before stopping at the doorway. A part of her was curious as to what was so secretive.

"Bryana. . . I want to adopt another kid."

Daisy's heart skipped a beat, eyes widening ever so slightly. She stood frozen in her spot, like a deer caught in the headlights of a car.

"Ash... What about Daisy?" Bryana bit her lip, running a hand through her golden colored hair.

Daisy couldn't bear to listen anymore and took a step a back. The floor obnoxiously creaked under her weight, the terrible sound echoing around the empty hallway. Bryana and Ashton turned and finally noticed her, both holding unreadable expressions.

It seemed as if the whole world went eerily silent.

"W-What?" Daisy choked out, cautiously taking another step back.

She suddenly turned and bolted; running down the stairs as quickly as possible before she could be stopped. Once at the backdoor downstairs, Daisy fumbled with the sliding door, her falling tears making it hard to see. Finally, she had unlocked the back door and slid out without anyone else noticing.


Daisy huffed, angrily kicking the sand and watching as the small grains were sent flying feet ahead. In one swift movement, she bent down and snatched up a perfectly shaped shell.

"If Ashton wants another kid so bad why doesn't he just get rid of me?" Daisy huffed, roughly tracing her thumb over the jagged surface of the seashell. The pad of her thumb had turned a sickly white from the amount of pressure she had applied on the poor thing.

"If he wants another kid so bad, why doesn't he adopt Ruby?"


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