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i had finally decided on just ordering a salad, and was pleasantly surprised when Ashton didn't even argue with me. Except, when I looked over at him to see why he hadn't said anything, he was too engrossed in Evie to even notice the waitress. For some reason it bothered. Did Ashton not care anymore? Calum noticed though, his eyes holding a sad look as he stared back at me.

I didn't give in though, and stuck with my decision. The waitress walked away after writing down everyone's order, leaving us in an awkward silence. Luke scratched at the back of his neck, before picking his phone back up. I couldn't help but to watch him, just curious since it seems like he's been talking to someone judging by the way he'd laugh or smile at his phone.

Growing bored, I averted my attention to someone else. Calum was looking around the restaurant, sneaking glances at me every now and then. My phone suddenly buzzed it my pocket, and I quickly pulled it out. Now with my phone turned on, my lock screen displayed a new text.

Auburn: what do you think

My heart skipped a beat, and I quickly unlocked my phone, opening up our texts. Before we left for the restaurant I had texted Auburn, asking why she was so upset with me.

Me: did i do something? why won't you talk to me?

Auburn: what do you think

Me: what..? auburn i really dont know. you just randomly stopped talking to me.

Auburn: wow. you really only care about yourself. leave me alone before i block your number.

I nearly gasped, staring back at her text in shock. How did I respond to this? If I messaged her, I could risk making her annoyed enough to not talk to me again. I didn't reply to her, and instead spent the rest of the dinner thinking about her.

I retraced my steps and thought about things I could have done or said to upset her, but didn't figure anything out. This had made me lose my appetite, and I know sat there, playing around with the salad in front of me.

"Daisy, you okay?" Calum asked.

Everyone looked up, eyes burning into my face as they watched, waiting for my reaction.

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