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"Hey," Calum hugged me tight, and it was now at this moment I was engulfed with a quick, slight sent of smoke.

Pulling away from the hug, I couldn't help but to let my eyebrows knit together, staring back at my best friend with a puzzled expression.

"How are you?" Michael turned to Danielle, gaining everyone's attention.

"I told you not to smoke," I muttered, loud enough for only the two of us to hear.

Calum's brown eyes turned dark, his head tilting to the side as he clenched his jaw. "And you aren't my mum, so?"

Staring back at him with disbelief, it wasn't until Danielle spoke that we had looked away from each other.

"Hey, guys where's Daisy?"

Ashton glanced over his shoulder, making sure the young girl wasn't there before speaking, "About that... The doctor has given me some orders..."

"Oh God... What happened?" Danielle asked, eyes wide as she brought a hand up to her mouth.

"I declined inpatient, which the doctor allowed because she's in therapy now," Ashton spoke lowly. "But the deal is that I know have to make sure she's eating healthy portions three times a day, along with weighing her twice  a day."

"You declined inpatient?" Calum cried, before quickly lowering his voice. "Why would you decline inpatient? She obviously needs it–"

"Cal," Dani touched his arm, her lips turning down into a frown.

"Because I need to do this myself," Ashton said after glancing around to make sure she hadn't come down. "Apparently I'm not a good father, so maybe I should do more for her."

Ashton's eyes trained on Calum, the usually clear hazel color turning a few shades darker.

"Ash stop," Evie butted in. "No ones saying that."

Calum opened his mouth, probably to put his two cents in with a snarky reply, before Dani squeezed his arm, putting him back in his place.

"That's good, Ashton," Danielle nodded. "Have you started weighing her?"

He shook his head, "I wanted to wait until Calum came back, so she wouldn't be overwhelmed..."

"Good idea. Look, if you weigh her tonight I wouldn't mind helping," Danielle smiled sadly. "As long as she's okay with that."

Ashton smiled back at her, "Thank you."

Evie scoffed, rolling her eyes. "You don't need to help him. That's what I'm here for."

Danielle looked over to the blonde girl, eyes narrowing ever so slightly. "Just trying to help. Maybe that's something you should start doing?"

"Excuse me?" Evie gasped.

Danielle shrugged, looking over Ashton's shoulder. "I'm gonna go find her. Be right back."


Out of Luke's excitement, and because of my slowness, he had left me behind in his room before bolting down the stairs. I was okay with not following him, since I figured seeing Calum again would be strange.

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