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"And then the princess and the prince lived happily ever after."

I closed the book and sat back, looking down at my little sister to see her reaction towards the bed time story I had read her.

"So Princess Ambrose and Prince Edwards escaped the evil witch?" Ruby questioned.

I nodded. "Maybe there's a sequel. I'll have to look for you."

I bent down and kissed the top of Ruby's head. Ruby had inherited this pretty red hair and gorgeous hazel eyes; while I was given boring brown hair and dull green eyes.

"Now go to sleep," I pulled the blanket up to her chin.

We heard a crash come from somewhere in the house, followed by yelling. I looked at the door and paused, waiting to hear if it was another argument.

"Daisy," Ruby's little voice whispered.

"Hm?" I turned back to look at her.

"Mommy and daddy fight a lot," Ruby observed. "What if they won't want to be together anymore?"

I felt myself frown, but quickly replaced it with a smile as to not worry her. "Mommy's and daddy's fight sometimes –"

"But they do it a lot. Rebecca said her parents don't argue as much –"

"Well all Mommy's and daddy's are different," I cut her off. "Mom and dad are fine. I won't let anything bad happen."

"Promise?" Ruby asked, sticking her pinky out from under the blanket.

"Promise. Now go to sleep," I locked our pinkies before standing up and turning off her light.

"Wait –" Ruby said as I reached for her doorknob. "Can you sleep in here with me?"

I sighed. "Of course."

I walked back across the room and climbed into her little bed.

"Goodnight. I love you," I said and closed my eyes.

Another bang.

"Daisy, are you sure nothing bad will happen?" her small voice asked.

"I'm sure."

If only I knew that this was just the beginning of it getting worse.


"Daisy! Wake up honey."

Another day.

I let out a small whine and rolled over, tired eyes slowly opening to wake up to Mrs. Briggs standing over me. She looked about as tired as I felt; with bags under her eyes and her skin a sickly pale tone. I had noticed she was getting older and slower, and running the house wasn't as easy for her.

"I'll clean in about ten minutes. Just let me get up," I yawned and rubbed my face.

Being the oldest here at sixteen I took it upon myself to help Mrs. Briggs, since it was hard running an orphanage center on your own. I cleaned, helped feed the other girls, kept everyone in order. It was hard, but seeing how grateful  Mrs. Briggs was made it worth it.

"No, no," she let out a chuckle. "You're getting adopted today. Remember?"

I sat up, fully awake. "Really? How did I forget? Oh my gosh –"

Mrs. Briggs laughed and walked over to the blinds and opened them. My heart ached upon noticing the empty bed across the room; it used to be Ruby's.

"They'll be here in about an hour," Mrs. Briggs told me before leaving my room.

I got my toiletries together before going over to the bathroom to get ready. I washed my face and brushed my teeth in silence, thinking about everything and anything.

Ruby and I had been given up by our parents three years ago when I was thirteen and she was five. We were a package deal, and went to all these different homes together. Until about last year, when Ruby was adopted without me.

Her new mom didn't want the two of us, only Ruby. Ruby's new mom allowed me to visit every once and awhile, but I hadn't seen my sister in quite a few months.

"Daisy! Hurry up!" Marissa cried from the other side of the door.

I hadn't realized I was now standing in the mirror, subconsciously brushing my hair over and over as I thought.

I gathered my things and opened the door. "Sorry!"

Three other girls stood outside, glaring at me. The other girls weren't very fond of me and thought of me as bossy because I basically ran the orphanage when Mrs. Briggs couldn't. They also teased me for not being good enough because my sister was adopted and I wasn't.

But I didn't care – or tried not to. Two more years and I'd be an adult who could live on her own. But I guess that didn't matter, since months ago I was adopted.

But since the process was long and hard I couldn't live with my new family until now.

The girls snickered upon seeing my stuff fall out of my hands, showing off my bare arms.

"Freak," Marissa giggled, watching as I scrambled to pick everything up and hide the marks on my arms.

I ran back into my room and closed the door, letting out a sigh. I was happy to finally leave this place and maybe find and actual family.

One that cared about me, and not my past or the scars on my body.



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