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99 skinny (rewritten) // adopted by 5sos by mrcalibu
99 skinny (rewritten) // adopted mrcalibu
In which a young girl finds the love and support she never had in a group of young boys. warning: involves serious topics like suicide, eating disorders & self harm !! r...
Flaws by seraph1cs
Flawsby ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄
In which Calum Hood adopts a little girl, and his life is changed forever. --------------------------------------- "They left me again." She whispered through...
Adopted By 5SOS by veratiserum
Adopted By 5SOSby 😟
14 years old, abused and raised in an orphanage. Valerie's life seems hopeless until she meets four boys.
Adopted By Calum Hood by 5sosjuice_2007
Adopted By Calum Hoodby Max Van Plateringen
-you saved my life, it's the least I can do. what is your name?- -I don't have a name...- 2018
The New Irwin {Adopted by Ashton Irwin} by 5SecondsOfBillie
The New Irwin {Adopted by Ashton too obsessed
Autumn Irwin, taken from her parents at 12 years old, adopted by Ashton Irwin at 14, goes through many troubles. Will Calum, Ashton, Luke, and Michael help her get thro...
adopted by them?! / 5SOS Fanfiction by howcynicalhappiness
adopted by them?! / 5SOS Fanfictionby Howcynicalhappiness
'I may seem like I'm flying But really I'm dying I may seem alive But I just want to cry As I looked to the sky And saw a lone dove I looked down to my wrists And all...
Adopted by 5sos by Ro45sos
Adopted by 5sosby Ro45sos
Lucy is an eight year old orphan who has been in an orphanage for as long as she can remember. Until she is adopted by 5sos, she couldn't have asked for a better family...
Stolen || L.H.  by anna_590
Stolen || L.H. by anna_590
Highest Ranking: #13- kidnappedby5sos I finally found her. Arden. She was beautiful. I gotta have her. What ever it takes she will be mine.
Help me Ashton Irwin  by 2042diamond
Help me Ashton Irwin by 2042diamond
I am Demi Lovato.My parents kicked me out of the house.I had no where to go.I run into Ashton Irwin.What will happen? Will Ashton help me? Read to find out. (Includes sp...
Adopted by Luke and Calum // 5SOS by fvckingdolans
Adopted by Luke and Calum // 5SOSby fvckingdolans
Brooke is a girl from Boston, MA who lived in an adoption center. She lived there for all of her life and wanted nothing more to be free. She got her wish, being adopted...
Maps ~ 5SOS by MofoBabe
Maps ~ 5SOSby Harry My Cupcake
I suggest you read adopted by 5sos before you read this one it might confuse you a little xx
Maddie Adupted Bai 5SOS // Maddie Ziegler & 5SOS by dancemoms-lashton
Maddie Adupted Bai 5SOS // Batman
I'm so sorry for what your about to read -by zoe-
Adopted By 5SOS by katetomlinsonhoran
Adopted By 5SOSby Katetomlinsonhoran
This is about a girl who gets adopted by the famous pop/ rock band 5 seconds of summer. Follow Abigail's journey through her new life, finding love and trusting new peop...
Adopted my 5SOS  by Briana_Storyzzz
Adopted my 5SOS by Briana_Storyzzz
Jordyn was a orphan until aashton Irwin adopted her. Will she fall in love with one o& them? Read to find lut
Adopted by 5sos  by taylerwillis03
Adopted by 5sos by Tay_SOS
⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ THIS STORY HAS CUSS WORDS and suicidal/ cutting thoughts and sayings
Problem Child by anonyuni
Problem Childby 🥀❦anonyuni ❦🥀
"you sure about that one?" "yes." are you sure about that?" "yes." "okay.. I gotta warn ya though she's a handful." "I'...
Adopted by 5SOS by carryoncIifford
Adopted by 5SOSby ashleigh
Will Luke, Ashton, Michael, and Calum be able to get Stella to open up and trust them or will it all go spiralling downhill?
Adopted by The Hemmings (REVISED ) by Gabbythesmolbean
Adopted by The Hemmings (REVISED )by Gabbythenoodle
A 12 year old girl named Amnesia Markets lives in the Sydney adoption center for almost 13 years waiting to be adopted. One day her wish came true. But little did she kn...
Adopted By 5sos?!? by the_devil_twins
Adopted By 5sos?!?by ebz & lissy
Winter is a shy teenage emo who has been in he adoption agency for as long as she can remember shes seen friends come and go but not once has she been adopted. On winter...