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99 skinny (rewritten) // adopted by 5sos by mrcalibu
99 skinny (rewritten) // adopted mrcalibu
In which a young girl finds the love and support she never had in a group of young boys. warning: involves serious topics like suicide, eating disorders & self harm !! r...
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Baby Irwin by ellieclifford102
Baby Irwinby ellieclifford102
I'm Baylee I'm 2! I have a daddy. He saved me. He my Superhero.
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kay;adopted by 5SOS by moonstar_kay6
kay;adopted by 5SOSby kay_trash
Family A link to the past A bridge to the future Anxiety Love's greatest killer It makes others feel as you might when a person who's drowning holds on to you. You wan...
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Adopted By 5SOS by -mintsue-
Adopted By 5SOSby ✨Kat✨
When four boys adopt a mysterious girl, knowing nothing about her, they think it's going to be all fun and games. Will this adoption be easy for the boys and Emily? Or...
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Down | adopted by 5sos  by brokevapor
Down | adopted by 5sos by maggie
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Adopted By 5SOS by katetomlinsonhoran
Adopted By 5SOSby Katetomlinsonhoran
This is about a girl who gets adopted by the famous pop/ rock band 5 seconds of summer. Follow Abigail's journey through her new life, finding love and trusting new peop...
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Speak-Adopted by 5sos by SmileyxLuke
Speak-Adopted by 5sosby SmileyLuke
In which an ordinary girl, finds her voice in an extraordinary way.
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Come Home Adopted by 5SOS by softemo6
Come Home Adopted by 5SOSby softemo6
Ivy is a 13 year old girl that loves everything Punk and Rock. Her parents abandoned her when she was only 5 years old and her escape was music. She had so many people b...
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you know it's gonna get better by sixfootmichael
you know it's gonna get betterby sarah anne
just another adopted by 5sos story except written in 2019 and without all that "i throw my hair up in a messy bun" "no one understands me" crap
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Adopted by 5SOS (ON HOLD) by xXHood__CliffordXx
Adopted by 5SOS (ON HOLD)by Bri
"I though I could trust you!?" I screamed, a look of disgust on my face as I spoke.
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A Second Chance || lrh by ashsmashirwin
A Second Chance || lrhby ❤️E❤️
What will happen when Luke Hemmings of 5sos adopts an orphaned girl with a tortuous abusive past?
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Stolen || L.H.  by anna_590
Stolen || L.H. by H
Highest Ranking: #13- kidnappedby5sos I finally found her. Arden. She was beautiful. I gotta have her. What ever it takes she will be mine.
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5sos adopted me by all_about_the_mouse_
5sos adopted meby Callie
I had a hard past. And I knew my future would be nothing. If I didn't kill myself before then. But four people from Australia can change my entire life -and my best frie...
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I get adopted by 5 Seconds Of Summer [SHORT STORY-COMPLETED] by sleepy__pillow
I get adopted by 5 Seconds Of FandomGirl
Gabriella gets adopted by 5SOS. Will they really love her? Or will her past make them stay away? TRIGGER WARNING SELF HARM AND DEPRESSION This is my first story 💕 I lov...
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Saving Grace - Michael Clifford AU by mike-n-ike3
Saving Grace - Michael Clifford AUby your new mom
An abused little girl's life is forever changed after being taken in by one of the biggest band members in the world. CONTAINS MENTIONS OF ABUSE! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!
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adopted by 5sos by sadboyirwin
adopted by 5sosby ariel
"we all have secrets, secrets to be told and secrets to be kept." note: some things in this story are based off of real events and may be triggering to some re...
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5SOS Parental Preferences And Imagines by TreshaDolan
5SOS Parental Preferences And Chicken Nugget
Imagines and Preferences Of Them Being A GOOD Dad {I Think Imma Take Requests}
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Saved || cth by ashsmashirwin
Saved || cthby ❤️E❤️
Holly has lived all 5 years of her life in an orphanage. Most people are nice to her, but Sasha, the eldest girl in her room, is quite mean. There is an unexpected shift...
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adopted by them?! / 5SOS Fanfiction by howcynicalhappiness
adopted by them?! / 5SOS Fanfictionby Howcynicalhappiness
'I may seem like I'm flying But really I'm dying I may seem alive But I just want to cry As I looked to the sky And saw a lone dove I looked down to my wrists And all...
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Adopted by Luke and Calum // 5SOS by fvckingdolans
Adopted by Luke and Calum // 5SOSby fvckingdolans
Brooke is a girl from Boston, MA who lived in an adoption center. She lived there for all of her life and wanted nothing more to be free. She got her wish, being adopted...
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