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Ashton's hazel eyes were clouded, holding a dark look in them as he reached his arm out towards me. Steadying my book bag on my shoulder, I looked him up and down, my eyes eventually training on the cellphone in the palm of his hand.

"Here," he said quietly. When I took it back he added, "Let's go."

I nodded, mumbling out a small thank you before following him to the door. We walked outside together and got into the car, the suffocating tension following us. Both of us were silent, maybe afraid to speak up and break the silence. Or, had we been afraid of arguing again?

What was up with us?

After suffering through about ten minutes of awkward silence, we finally reached the school where I said a small goodbye and jumped out. Thankful to escape, I let out a sigh and followed the mob of people inside. I debated searching for Auburn, since we waited in the lobby together before class started, but then ultimately decided against it.

Swerving over to the side of the hallway so I was out of the way, I pulled my phone out and started to text Max, asking if he'd want to wait together.

"Daisy?" a voice called over the loud voices around us.

Startled, I looked up, confusedly smiling at the unfamiliar girl stood in front of me. She was really pretty, with wavy blonde hair and light blue eyes. Her body was gorgeous as well, the simple jeans and tighter shirt showing off her figure.

"Are you the Daisy Irwin?" she squeaked, eyes widened and a big smile tugging at her lips.

"Um... Y-Yes?"

The? What did this girl mean by the?

"Oh my gosh. Can we take a picture?" she asked, holding her phone up to me.

"I–" awkwardly stammering over my own words, struggling to even form a coherent sentence. My throat closed up and I looked around, desperately praying Max would just show up and save me from this situation.

"It's okay if you don't want to," she quickly said, but by the way she hopefully looked at me and kept her phone held out, I knew she still wanted to take the picture.

"No, I –" I stuttered. "Maybe I shouldn't. I just, um, I dunno if I should –"

"It's cool," the girl waved her hand as to dismiss the problem. "See you around, Daisy."

I waved, frozen in my place as she walked off.

Did that really just happen? Obviously she was a fan of the boys. Had a fan of someone I was related to actually seemed excited to see me?

This brought on a new sense of curiosity, and I found myself quickly going to Safari, typing my name into the search bar. Articles and pictures popped up, making my heart skip a beat.

Disregarding the articles, I found myself going onto images, flipping through them as I scanned each picture. There were shots of me with the boys, ones of us going to the restaurant to meet Evie, and others of us just going out.

Then came other pictures, shots of Max, Auburn and I. I had even found an article briefly discussing Max and I's relationship.

Whatever our 'relationship' even was.

I couldn't help but to zoom in on various pictures, taking in the way my body looked. My mind went off on a million thoughts, coming up with what parts of my body need to be thinner, or even how they'd look thinner. I was falling deep, falling apart.

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