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"sometimes all you can do is lie in bed and hope to fall asleep before you fall apart."


The car came to a stop in the parking spot outside of the restaurant the boys had picked for us to eat at. We all clambered out of the vehicle, and I sadly followed behind Ashton. Michael, Calum and Luke were at my side, playfully shoving each other.

"Are you guys five or something?" Dave huffed, looking over his shoulder with a judging look.

"Six and a half actually," Michael corrected.

Luke let out a girly giggle as Dave rolled his eyes. We went inside and found a table that fit all of us, and in a matter of minutes the waitress came and gave us menus.

I didn't even want to eat anything; but just in case Ashton made me eat, I scanned the menu for the item with the lowest calories.

"Daisy, what are you getting?" Ashton asked, eyes peeking up at me over the menu.

Everyone at the table looked up too, as if anticipating another argument between Ashton and I.

"I don't really want anything. I'm still full from lunch," I lied.

"Lunch was seven hours ago, Daisy," Ashton lowered his voice, and gave me a look.

"I know, I just get full quickly," I went on, clinging onto the lie I made up and hoped he'd give in.

Ashton looked over at his best friends, and I watched as the four of them seemed to have a little conversation just with their eye contact.

"Fine," Ashton sighed. "At least get something small? How about soup or a salad?"

I mentally groaned, but perhaps a salad wouldn't be that bad. Plus, I could always give it to one of the boys. So, with the usual shame and regret I had when faced with food, I ordered the salad.


"Good luck," Auburn smiled at me as she dropped me off at my new class.

"Thanks," I nervously smiled back at her.

"Bye. I'll see you next mod," Auburn bid goodbye, and I watched as she walked down the hallway and disappeared in the sea of bodies.

I was on my own now, and with a shaky sigh I walked into the art class. I sat down at an empty seat, eyes flickering around as I tried to become familiar with where I was.

The seat screeched on the floor beside me, and I looked over to find a boy standing beside me. He was cute, with long swoopy brown hair and pretty green eyes. His olive skin showed off a few freckles spread around his face and dotting his neck, only making him more attractive.

"Hi. Is anyone sitting here?" the boy asked.

"Um, no," I awkwardly said, scooting away a bit to give him personal space.

He gave me a kind smile, and I could have melted at how attractive this boy really was.

"Are you new? I haven't seen you in this class before," the boy asked as he set his things down on the table in front of him.

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