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i hope one day you're as happy as you pretend to be.


"I don't want you to leave," Max cutely pouted, playing with my fingers in his as we walked into the airport, just escaping the mob of fans standing outside.

"I'm sorry..."  I looked down at our intertwined hands, biting my lip as my eyes watered. "I don't want to leave either."

"It's not your fault," he said, still tightly holding onto my hand as we got in line to go through security. "Besides, you'll be back."

My stomach sunk, lips twitching down in a guilty frown as his words pierced my heart. Ashton had warned me that returning to California was unlikely, yet I still went through with my lies. I knew that this would backfire and only make the situation worse, but for some reason I just couldn't make myself tell him the truth.

No matter how much the lie could potentially hurt.

"Yeah. I'll be back soon..." I trailed off, faking a reassuring smile.

Max smiled, bending down to press a lingering kiss to my forehead. My cheeks flushed in embarrassment when the paparazzi lurking around took this as an opportunity to snap as many pictures of us as they could.

The line went by fairly quickly, meaning I was now next in line to go through the metal detector, once Calum went.

"Goodbye," I forced myself to look up into Max's eyes, finding that doing this only saddened me more.

Max must have been able to tell by my expression or felt the bad vibe I gave off, and leaned down, pecking my nose. "Hey, don't be upset. We can talk everyday and –"

"But the time difference –" I cut him off, my voice shaking as tears threatened to spill down my face.

"We'll make it work." He confidently nodded. "Okay?"

"Okay," I nodded, making the move first by wrapping my arms around his torso, hugging him tight.

Max hugged me back, hands lacing in my hair as he pulled me close to him. I made sure to breathe in his scent, doing my best to somehow memorize his warm smell and the way his body felt against mine.

"Text me when you land," he rubbed my lower back as we pulled apart, then bent down again to kiss me on the lips. "Good luck in Australia. I'll miss you."

When he pulled away I nodded, watching with sad eyes as he turned and got out of the line. Max waved, sadly smiling back at me.

"Come on honey," Calum gently said, placing a hand on my arm.

Turning back around, I placed my carryon bag into the plastic bin so it could be inspected.

With tears still in my eyes, and a pained smile, I moved forward.


"What the hèll?" Michael looked at me strangely, watching as I pulled Max's sweatshirt out from my carryon bag.

"Does he even know you have that?" Calum snickered from my other side.

I gushed, sheepishly nodding my head. Waiting for them to both look away, I brought the sweatshirt up to my body, comfortable hugging it close as I inhaled the familiar scent of his house along with his cologne. This only made me miss him more, but I held on to it regardless.

Blankly staring ahead, I pondered over everything that had happened to me once I was adopted. I met a boy I really liked, gained and lost a friend – Auburn.

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