Chris Brown Jokes

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Chris Brown Jokes

Q: What did Chris Brown say to Rihanna after she got 2 black eyes?

A: Nothing....he already told her twice.

Q: A Recent poll state the most women wanted George Clooney to hit on them. Who was the least wanted?

A: Chris Brown Reporter: "Why are you dating Chris Brown again?" Rihanna: "Beats Me."

Q: How did Chris Brown plea in the felony assault charge relating to Rihanna?

A: Not Guilty, by way of Celebrity!

Q: How do you fix our economic problems with the help of Chris Brown?

A: Invest all his money in a ponzi scheme and lock him up in jail with Bernie Madoff!

Q: Why is the judge in the Chris Brown case insisting Chris work at a Red Lobster?

A: So he can learn how to batter fish instead of women!

Q: How did Rihanna find out Chris Brown was cheating on her?

A: She found another woman's lipstick on his knuckles

Q: Why is Chris Brown suing the Charlie Sheen?

A: Because Charlie is replacing him as the biggest celebrity disaster on TV!

Q: Why are most retailers refusing to sell Chris Brown's "Greatest Hits" album?

A: Rihanna is on the cover!

Q: What song was Chris Brown singing when he was choking Rihanna?

A: Jordin Sparks "No Air"!

Q: Why does Chris Brown have red eyes after sex?

A: Pepper spray.

Q: Why did Chris Brown break up with Rihanna?

A: He wanted to be free to hit on other women!

Q: How do you know the tough economy is affecting celebrities?

A1: Chris Brown and Rihanna are carpooling again!

A2: Chris Brown and Rihanna are sharing herpes medication!

Q: Who is better at singing: Women or Chris Brown?

A: Women.....that's why he beats them!

Q: Who was Rihanna's ex again?

A: Oh it just hit me.

Q: How many women has Chris Brown beat?

A: 5 at least, cause thats how many different shades of lip stick are on his knuckles. 

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