Ghetto Translations #FACTS

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1) "Popping Bottles" = Purchasing several bottles of champagne within a club in an attempt to look successful to strangers.

2) "You on some other shit" = You and I no longer have a mutual understanding.

3) "Pussy Ass Nigga" = Used to describe a male with female qualities.

4) "Chill" = Please revise your thought process.

5) "Doing too much" = The process of a person seeking attention to such an extent, that it now makes them look ridiculous.

6) "We Gon Fight" = We're going to pretend to act in physical violence, & have sex in the process.

7) " I cut my hair" = I took my weave out.

8) "Go talk to your hoes!" = A black girl's favorite line when angered.

9) "Da fuckk you meaaaan?!" = I comprehend what you are saying, but I need a moment to soak it in before we proceed any further.

10) "I'm sayin' doe" = I know you don't believe anything I'm saying, but hear me out this once.

11) "Bestfriend" = F*ck Buddies.

12) "Can you not?" = A white girl's favorite phrase.

13) "I'm weak" = I'm laughing so hard, my body can't seem to function.

14) "I fucks with you the long way" = You are a valuable companion to me, & I will be your friend for a substantial amount of time.

15) "I'm a sneaker head" = I just bought my first pair of Jordans.

16) "It ain't even happen like that" = It happened like that, but you're focused on the wrong thing.

17) "You Got Me?" = will you cover my expenses with no plans of reimbursement?

18) Mhmmmmm" = I really don't believe you.

19) "ima hit you back & let you know" = Don't expect a call from me.

20) "Lemme Get One" = two or more please.

21) "What dat mouf do?" = What oral techniques is your mouth capable of?

22) "That's something white people do" = That looks fun but I'm scared as hell.

23) "I just left my house. " = I'm just getting out of the shower.

24) "I'm mixed" = I'm black & I wear blue contacts.

25) "Man you KNOW I hit that!" = Bro.....I had this dream.

26) "I feel you bruh.." = i totally understand and comprehend the statement in which you just made.

27) "Can you dance?" = Can you twerk or buss a wine?

28) "We Cousins" = our moms are really good friends with each other.

29) "Dat Thot lying" = Due to her sexual reputation, she is not a credible source of information.

30) "Ol girl" = A certain female who's name you'd rather not mention

31) "Fa-sho" = Of Course

32) "I'll pay you back bruh" = Actually, you're never getting your money back.

33) "Lemme stop" = I'm going to stop talking before I say something I could regret

34) "You stupid" = That was really hilarious.

35) "Nah I don't play dat" = I don't operate that way, I do not conduct myself in such a manner. Adjustments need to be made.

36) "Boutta run to the store real quick" = I'm coming back in 4hrs.

37) "Bitch Run!" = Phrase said while watching a scary movie when the white girl does not realize she's about to die.

38) "Aye bitch" = Pardon me ma'am.

39) "I got the whip" = My mother decided to let me use her car because she was in a good mood.

40) "Do You" = I no longer want to be associated with you in any type of way.

41) "NIGGGAAA!!" =You're seriously not about to believe what i'm about to tell you so i advise you to take a seat & listen.

42) "Got me fucked up" = You certainly have me misunderstood.

43) "IT AIN'T RALPH THO" = If you're not wearing Ralph Lauren, your attire is irrelevant.

44) "I beat the pussy up" = I strike the vagina with severe force.

45) "A wah di bloodclott" = What exactly is going on here?

46) "Father's Day" = The least celebrated holiday within the black community.

47) "Dead Ass" = I'm am speaking the absolute truth.

48) "Is u single, or nah!?" = Can we date? Or should i look elsewhere?

49) "Jordan releases" = One of the leading causes of death within the black community.

50) "I'm the main bitch!" = I let him cheat on me as long as he comes home to me at night.


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