WARNING : Racial Jokes

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Racial Jokes .. WARNING, Do NOT Get Offended!

What's the difference between a black and a white fairy tale?
White begins, "once upon a time," 
black begins, "y'all motherf*ckers ain't gonna believe dis shit!"


What did the Asian parents name their retarded baby. "Sum Ting Wong"


What do you call a bunch of white people running down a hill?
- A Avalanche

What do you call a bunch of mexicans running down the hill?
- A mudslide

What do you call Black people running down a hill?
- Jail break


Asian pregnancy test:
Stick a Rubik cube into vagina. Wait 30 seconds, if it's solved then there's a little Asian in there.


You know your fucked when the Asian says, "shit", during the test.


Do not be racist , be like Mario. He's an italian plumber, made by Japanese people, who speaks english, looks like a mexican, jumps like a black man, and grabs coins like a jew!


Once you go asian you never miss an equation


Whats the difference between a mexican and a printer?
A printer has its papers.



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