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50 Cent Jokes

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50 Cent Jokes

Q: Do you know 50 Cent's half brother's name?

A: 25 Cent.

Q: What did 50 cent say to his grandma when she gave him a sweater for Christmas?

A: Gee you knitt?

Q: Why did 50 Cent turn off the TV?

A: The Game was on 

Q: Did you hear about that car 50 Cent sent to his mechanic?

A: The engine was shot...just like everything else.

Q: What did Tony yayo say when 50 Cent got a new sweater?


Q: Why couldn't G-Unit get on the bus?

A: Because they didn't have 50

Q: Why is 50 Cent a cat?

A: He has 9 lives (...He was shot nine times)

Q: What did the record producer say about 50 cent?

A: 'Why am I producing a no talent, incompetent, ignorant, African-American such as yourself?' 

Q: What is 50 cent called when he's in Canada?

A: 58 cent

Q: Why did the girl put two quarters in her ear?

A: To hear 50 cent

Son: Hey dad can I go to a 50 cent Concert?

Dad: Sure, take a friend there's a dollar on the counter 

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