Watch the video of Santi & Gabby some of the scenes have inspired me for this story


When Santiago told me that he wouldn't be able to show me around because of who he is I expected us to have to go undercover. I imagined the guys wearing something that made them unrecognizable in case someone saw us and decided to call the cops.

I never expected for all of them to be treated like famous celebrities.

"Are they ever going to stop staring at us?" Nessa muttered, glancing from the corner of her eye at the people staring at our small group.

"I don't think so babe" Leo said with one arm around her shoulder. "This is how it is every time we go out."

The guys had decided to take us out for a walk around the Plaza and show us around. We were walking down the streets of Sinaloa as a small group, Leo and Daniel were walking with Nessa and Sofia under their arm while I was stuck in between my brothers who were on my left side and the Bustamante boys on my right. Our body guards kept close to us disguised in regular clothing to blend in with the crowd so that we wouldn't call for attention...which I didn't see how it helped at all since people still knew who the guys were.

The people smiled and nodded in acknowledgement to the guys but their eyes were glued on Santiago, their eyes showing different emotions directed at him: respect, admiration, fear, jealousy and from most of the young women: lust

The thing that amazed me the most is that they didn't seem to care about the fact that six members of powerful cartels were walking down the main Plaza like they own the place without a care in the world, and two of those members are the Don's of the cartels.

Why haven't they gone to tell the police?

Not that I want them to do that but it's what any normal person would do!

"Sis, are you okay?" Martin asked out loud only for our group to hear. "You look worried."

"I'm fine, just a bit shocked." I rubbed my forehead. The whole situation was giving me a headache. "Why haven't the authorities showed up to bust your asses?"

As soon as I said that I noticed a man dressed in his Police uniform walking towards us. My heartbeat speed up and I watched with wide eyes as he walked past us but not before tipping his hat and smiling at Santiago.

"Buenas tardes Don Santiago" he greeted Santi. (Good afternoon Don Santiago)

"Buenas tardes"

"What the hell was that!?" Nessa laughed. "Doesn't he know what you guys do?!"

"Oh, he knows exactly what we do for living." Santiago informed us. "They know who we are, they know what we do, some of them even know where we live. But in case you don't remember this is our territory, we've never done anything to harm any of the people living here in fact we've actually given money to help our community and because of that we've earned their respect and loyalty, some of them are sacred of us and that's why they keep their mouths shut."

"You mean to tell me that all these people are on your side?" Sofi asked incredulously. "Even the police?"


I snorted. "Well that just shows how corrupt the government is."

"It's quite disappointing actually, but you're completely right about that." Santi agreed.

We continued our way around the Plaza with everyone watching our every move. I tried to ignore the stares but it was impossible, there were little stands all over the plaza where people sold random little things like food or small crafts, and I couldn't even look around comfortably because the owners and the customers had their eyes on us. I saw a few of them whispering to each other trying to act discreet but some of them didn't seem to care if we heard them as we walked by.

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