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Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

The annoying sound of the large grandfather clock could be heard in a room full of people, that surely gives you the idea of how awkward and quiet the room had gotten as soon as my father and the guys entered the room. Everyone looked around at each other waiting for my parents to make a do something.

"Victoria it's a pleasure to see you after all these years my dear!" Don Ernesto walked over to embrace my mother in a hug.

My mother smiled at the man and patted his back. "It's been so long Ernesto, you haven't changed at all my friend."

He laughed. "I could say the same."

Mom glanced behind Mr. Bustamante and her eyes landed on my brother Martin, he made his way slowly to stand in front of my mother who had teary-glassed eyes. She put a hand over her mouth as she stared at my brother with so much love and adoration, the adoration of a mother who hadn't seen her son in years..

"Mira como has crecido mi niño" she reached out to touch his cheeks gently. (Look at how much my little boy has grown)

I smiled when I saw my brother reach out to hug her and my mother returned to gesture by squishing him in her arms tightly, but I know he didn't mind at all.

"No sabe cuanto la eh extrañado madre. Mire que flaco estoy desde que no como la comida deliciosa que usted cocina!" He gestured down at his stomach. (You don't know how much I've missed you, mother. Look at how skinny I've gotten since I don't eat the delicious food you cook)

I rolled my eyes. Of course Martin would say something stupid like that after seeing my mother for the first time! He's always been one to avoid uncomfortable situations.

I'm not surprised he decided to skip over the long and emotional talk my mother and him are supposed to have since he decided to stop talking to her after my parents divorce.

She choked out a shaky laugh. "We have a lot to talk about Martin, but we'll leave that for another time."


He nodded and stepped back to let Alejandro greet my mom. Dad just stood off to the side rooted to his spot as he watched the small exchange with a half-smile on his face. I bet he's dying to hug my mother, right now.

"And who are these young men?" Mom asked curiously, her eyes looking over at the four guys standing awkwardly by Don Ernesto's side.

Mr. Bustamante grinned and walked over to put his arms around his son's shoulders. "These are my two boys!"

"Oh of course!" she smiled walking over to shake their hands. "I met you two when you were babies. How could I forget!"

"Nice to meet you M'am" Santi smiled politely.

"You're the oldest one-umm- Santiago, right?"


"My oh my you've grown into a very handsome young man!"

Oh Mother...

Joel snorted causing my mother to turn to him.

"You too Joel" she gave him a warm smile. "I remember holding you in my arms when you were just a baby."

That made him smirk, and he turned to me with a smug look in his eyes. "Your mom thinks I'm handsome, Gabby"

"I heard."

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