The next morning I woke up really late, the busy afternoon I had spent with my friends yesterday had really drained the energy out of me. I got out of my bed and went into the restroom to do my morning routine, while I washed my teeth I looked over to see my two best friends still dead asleep in my bed. I looked around for any sign that my mother had been here because she had promised she would sleep in my room with us for a few days but there was nothing hinting that she had slept in here with us. Maybe she's already awake and cooking breakfast in the kitchen.

I walked out of the room and down the hall. None of the guys were anywhere in sight, I went to both of my brothers rooms and their beds were already neatly made. I went to my dads room and was about to open the door but I figured since no one was upstairs, he probably was already awake and with the rest of the guys. I turned away and just as I was about seven steps away from the door I heard it creak open, I watched my mom get out of the room wearing fresh clothing and her hair slightly wet.


My mom let out a small scream and turned to glare at me.

"Don't scare me like that!" she put a hand over her heart.

I crossed my arms over my chest and gave her a knowing look. "What are you doing sneaking out of dad's bedroom?"

"I took a shower in there"

"You could have gone to my bathroom" I pointed out. "Or to any other one in this big mansion."

"I didn't want to wake you girls" she continued her little charade.

"Cut the crap mom" I narrowed my eyes at her. "Tell me the truth!"

"Don't talk so loud!" she reached up to massage her temples and walked over to link her arm with mine. "I'll explain to you while we have some breakfast."

She has a headache, which means she had a little too much alcohol last night.

We walked downstairs and into the kitchen where the staff was busy cooking and cleaning around. Rita, the house maid who is in charge of everything made her way over to us with a smile.

"Would you like for us to serve you breakfast, Mrs. Victoria?

My mother nodded. "That would be wonderful. We'll be in the dining room, thank you Rita."

When we walked into the dining room I was surprised to find it empty, I thought the guys were already awake and having breakfast. "Where's everybody?"

"They're in the meeting room" My mom informed me as we took a seat across from each other. "Santiago called in all the guys for an important meeting."

He's going to tell them about Hector and the Italian Mafia.I can already tell there will be big commotion around the mansion. The Italians are a big deal, at least from what I've heard. I remember hearing my father when I was younger, he would come home complaining about the Italians and how there was this big competition going on between the Sinaloa Cartel and the most powerful Italian cartel, Cosa Nostra belongs to one of the most powerful capo's of all. Don Ernesto's nemesis, Cecilio Moretti. There were rumors back in the day that Don Ernesto tried to form an alliance with Cecilio but the Moretti family refused to share any money with the Bustamante's. The Italias have the oldest mafia of all time, older than the Mexican Mafia.

"Dad is in there too?"

Mom looked a bit uncomfortable when I mentioned my father but she still nodded stiffly. "Yes. He was called in earlier this morning"

Mhmmmm. Speaking of my father...

"So are you going to tell me what you were doing in his room?"

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