Married to the Mafia. Capitulo Veintidos (Preparing the Parranda)

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"I'm talking about history repeating itself Gabriela"

Those were the words that were still engraved in my mind since the weird confrontation I had with Joel. The bastard hadn't said a word ever since. Choosing to give me knowing stares every time we ran into each other. 

I now had my doubts about Santi and Joel was certainly enjoying it.

"So Hector tried to trick the Italians into thinking that we were plotting something against them?" Don Ernesto asked, breaking the stare I had on Joel.

I had been summoned into the meeting room and every single member of the Sinaloa Cartel and the Gulf Cartel were currently staring back at me. I told them everything that happened when I was kidnapped and they were analyzing every detail.

"I'm not surprised" my father spoke. "Hector knows he won't stand a chance against us, it's a lost battle for his cartel."

"Who did Luca send to do the job?", my brother Martin asked me.

"Some guy named Gavin Ruozi" I muttered remembering the snarky Italian with the smug attitude.

"Isn't he delightful?" Alex said sarcastically. "He acts like such a prick every time we run into him."

They know him?

"Have all of you met him before?" I asked the whole room.

They all gave nodded looking a bit annoyed. Gavin Ruozi has quite the reputation.

"He's the one Luca always sends when there's meetings between the Mafia Cartels from all over the world." Santi explained. "Luca Moretti has never bothered to show up; he always keeps a low profile since many people want him in jail for all the crimes he's committed."

"More crimes than you?"

"Damn" Martin laughed. "Bet she's got you there Bustamante" he said to Santiago.

"Shut up Martin, we know everyone in here is a criminal. I wasn't just speaking about Santiago."

 Joel raised an eyebrow, "You're saying you consider yourself a criminal too?"

This asshole can't keep his mouth shut, can he?

"Not a criminal exactly" I responded. "But I am an accomplice since I haven't turned in any of you to the police."

"I think that's all that we need to know" my father to put a hand on my shoulder. "Thank you for helping us out sweetie."

The conversation had turned into something that was a difficult subject for my dad. He knows how much this life bothers me, but there isn't anything he can do about it.

"That party for the original bosses that we got invited to by Ismael Arellano is coming up" Don Ernesto said to my father. "You'll have to call Felix and Carlos to come down here soon."

"Don't worry about it Don Ernesto" Martin said to the older man. "I'll make sure to call my uncles and inform them about the party."

I still hadn't asked my mom if she would be going to the party, but it was possible that now that she is back with my father she'll be his companion to the event.

"Before we go to that party  I would like to have a little get together with close friends and business partners at one of our ranches here in Sinaloa."

"What for?" Joel asked.

"We have to introduce Gabriela, Vanessa and Sofia as the girlfriends of three of our boys. It'll be a big celebration!"

Introduce us to the Mafia world? Oh no, this will just drag us deeper into this life! Do Leo and Daniel want to make it official with my two best friends? With a quick glance at them I can tell they agree with their uncle from the huge smiles plastered on their faces. But most importantly, is Santi okay with letting me in to his world?

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