Married to the Mafia. Capitulo Diez (I miss you)

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  • Dedicated to The people that died on 9/11/01

"What the fuck are you doing with these guys?" Martin demanded glaring at the guys. "You have to come with us" he stepped forward and grabbed my arm.

Santiago grabbed my other arm trying to pull me away from my older brother. "You're not taking her anywhere. She came with us and she'll be leaving with us. Who the fuck do you think you are to be bossing her around?"

"Both of you stop it!" I cried trying to rip my hands away but failing miserably. "I'm not going anywhere with either of you."

I can't believe this is happening to me, I finally understood why Diego wanted us to stay away from the guys. They work for the Mexican Cartels too! And of course they work for the Sinaloa Cartel. How stupid am I to not have figured it out? The fancy trucks, the bodyguards...fuck even the Corridos were a hint.

"Let her go!" Santiago growled.

"Santiago she's coming with us, please let her go." Alex spoke calmly.

"I can't do that."

Then out of nowhere I felt myself being ripped away from Santiago, I hissed in pain cradling my hand to my stomach. Martin stepped in front of me protectively and grabbed Santiago from the collar of his shirt. "You little son of a bitch! Don't ever tell me what to do. I have more rights than you do when it comes to her."

"Oh really? And why is that?" Santi spat looking unfazed.

"Because she's my little sister, pendejo." (Idiot)

Everyone went silent and stood rooted to their spot in shock. Santiago turned to look at me and Martin back and forth, waiting for me to deny what my brother had just said. 

I couldn't help but feel a little bad for not telling them about my family, but this is something that's very hard for me to talk about. Santi had even tried to protect me from my own brother, but all of this guilt I felt was forgotten as soon as I remembered he had kept a big secret from me...and his was even worse!

"Your sister?!" Joel exclaimed with a bewildered look. "This is the sister your father always talks about? The one that left with your mother?"

Martin nodded. "This is her"

"Are Sofi and Nessa part of the Mafia too?" Leo spoke up, glancing back at Sofi and Nessa who were still leaning against the wall, having no idea of what was currently going on.

I shook my head. "They're not. And just because my father and brother's are involved in this shit doesn't mean I'm part of it too."

Martin sighed heavily, shaking his head at me. "Is that so?" he asked with an amused expression on his face. "Then what the hell were you doing hanging out with these guys?"

"I had no idea they were part of it" I spat glaring at each and every one of them.

"And besides I bet they're just wannabe drug dealers that are working for the big bosses of the Sinaloa Cartel, only someone dumb would go out with girls and risk getting caught."

All of the guys burst out laughing, well all of them except for Santiago but he still had a slight smile on his face. I stared at them confused as to what they found so funny.

"You really have no idea who we are, do you hermosa?" Santiago spoke in a deep voice. (Beautiful)

I took a step back feeling a nervous and scared by the tone of his voice. 

"N-No, but I would l-like to know-w"

"Does the name Bustamante ring a bell to you?" he asked.

Bustamante? Bustamante...Bustamante...Bustamante. HOLY CRAP! BUSTAMANTE?! Oh my God, this is even crazier then I thought... we're in some deep shit. They work for the Bustamante family, the wealthiest guys in Mexico, the most powerful family in the drug cartel world.

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