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"Mi niña bonita" he whispered tenderly, crushing me into his arms. I couldn't stop myself from crying. It felt like long ago since I had last hugged my father. "Gabriela, como has cambiado. Te pareses tanto a tu madre, iguales de hermosas." (My pretty little girl. Gabriela, you've changed so much. You look like your mother, both equally beautiful.)

He took a step back to take a good look at me, I saw a few tears rolling down eyes, which made me feel even worse. Looking up at him from up close I could see he looked tired, all the stress made him look a bit older than he was. This realization was enough to keep me from being angry. I don't want to make him feel any worse.

"Son tantos años sin verlo Pa'. Como a estado ?" I glanced up at him with a smile on my tear stained face. (It's been a lot of years without seeing you Pa'. How you been?)

The look of surprise on his face was obvious, he had expected me to lash out on him, to refuse to talk to him after all these years.

"I'm fine mi princessa. I was worried after hearing you were in the middle of this attack, but we can talk about that later. We have to get you kids somewhere safe first."

I looked back to see the whole group staring at me and my father, I had completely forgotten their presence. Ness and Sofi were standing awkwardly next to Alex, I waved my hand at them so they could join us, when they were by my side I introduced them to my father.

"Pa' these are my best friends Vanessa and Sofia." I pointed at the red-head and brunette standing on either side of me. "Girls, this is my father Salvador Romano"

"It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Romano" Sofi smiled politely.

"The pleasure is all mine young ladies" he responded smiling warmly at both of my friends. He glanced back at the rest of the guys who were standing behind us, waiting for us to be done with our little introduction moment.

He smiled widely when his eyes landed on Santiago. "Well, if it isn't young Santiago Bustamante! Como has estado hijo?" ( How you been, son?)

I was shocked to see Santiago bound over to my father to embrace him with a big smile on his face. "I've been good Salvador, very busy with work."

Wow. He's on first name basis with my dad!

Dad nodded understandingly, he pulled me over to his side, beaming down at me proudly. " I see you've met my daughter Gabriela. This is the little Princess I've talked to you so much about."

"Ah, yes" Santi smiled tightly. "Who would have thought that I would meet your daughter on our business trip to Acapulco."

My Father looked between the two of us suspiciously, before saying. "Yes, who would have thought. You two will have to tell me how everything happened, I want to know what my daughter was doing out with the El Cartel de Sinaloa."

I cleared my throat nervously. "Ummm, shouldn't we get going already? We've been here for a while and I'm sure everyone is exhausted."

"Let's go then. You'll be riding with me ladies, the rest of the guys are going in the other trucks." Dad put his arm around me and turned around. Leading my friends and I over to one of the three black SUV'S. The guard opened the door for us, Vanessa and Sofi got in the back seats leaving me to sit next to my father in the middle compartment.

"You know where to go Luis, the Bustamante Mansion" he ordered our driver.


Our truck pulled up into the driveway of a large white big mansion. I could hear Nessa and Sofi talking excitedly in the back seat, the mansion was in a very secluded place. There was no neighbors or civilization for miles and miles away. The Mansion had a black gate, there were two men standing in front of it with large AK-47. Probably guards hired to take care of the place.

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