"Nena, nena tranqulicese. Que en la calle a nadie bese." Santi sang along to the music playing on his phone, he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck. "Yo solo tengo ojos pa' usted. Relajate, despreocupate."

 "Argue all night, then we fucking all morning" he continued singing. "Blame it on the liquor, then we smoking marijuana."

 I tilted my head to the side at the lyrics. This was not the original song by J Balvin.

 "Is that French Montana?"

 He turned the music down. "Yeah, they made a remix."

 "What's with you and singing all the time? Maybe you should've become a singer. You have a really good voice." I said to him.

 "Thanks" he chuckled. "I enjoy singing but I like what I do with the cartel."

 I raised an eyebrow "You like being a criminal?"

 "I like having power and money. I'm not gonna lie to you. I grew up in this business and my father taught me all I need to know. I'm good at what I do."

We were hanging out on our own in the kitchen, I was fixing a quick lunch for both of us. Everyone else had gone off to do their own thing. Claire and Mike were on their way back to California in one of my family's private jet.

 "It's all done, let's eat!" I walked over to the kitchen table and placed the bowl of salsa with the rest of the ingredients. Santi joined me at the table after he turned off the music and handed me a plate. I reached over to put lettuce on my tostadas and then drowned them in the salsa verde I had made, they looked mouthwatering.

         I picked one of them up and took a huge bite, closing my eyes to savor the delicious taste. It wasn't even spicy! I opened my eyes to see Santiago watching me with an amused look. "Easy there, Gabby."

 "Try yours!"

 He took a bite of his tostada and I looked at him expectantly.

 "I love it" he grinned before taking a sip of his beer. "I didn't know you were such a good cook."

         "I'm not" I laughed taking another eager bite. "Tostadas are the easiest things to make, if you want to know a good cook you should try some of the stuff Sofia makes."

It's true. Sofi had always been the one in charge of the kitchen when we lived in Chicago. My cooking was decent enough but Nessa wouldn't step a foot in the kitchen unless she was really starving.

 "Hola chicos! What are you up to?" my mom walked into the kitchen to grab two water bottles from the fridge.

 "Eating some good tostadas Gabby made. Wanna join?" Santi said to my mom.

 Mom scrunched up her face in disgust and shook her head. "I can't"

 Santi looked over at me questionably.

 "She doesn't like tostadas" I explained. "Can't eat them."

 "Why not?"

 "When I was pregnant with Gabby I had a tostada every day for three whole months." mom answered him.

 "What?" my boyfriend laughed. "Why?"

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