"Ya llegaron con Don Salvador!"  Pepe, one of the hacienda's workers ran in to inform us. (They've arrived with Don Salvador)

Three other men walked in huddled around one another, carrying my father who was unconscious.


I tried to get over to them but Alex held on to me as they hurried past me. Martin ordered them to take dad to his bedroom and the doctor who had arrived a few minutes earlier followed behind them to examine my dad.

He had given specific orders that no one was allowed in the room with him while he worked on checking my dad's injury.

Mom, Don Ernesto and Don Rafael walked in with injuries of their own, their clothes all bloody and dirty. Mom looked the worse, her shirt was drenched in blood that wasn't her own, probably because she had been with my father when it all happened.

"Where do they have him?" she looked around frantically. Her eyes were red from crying and her bottom lip trembled as she tried not to cry.

"The doctor is with him. We're not allowed in there." Martin lead her over to the couch where I was sitting.

As soon as my eyes connected with hers I burst out crying. She gripped me in a tight embrace and I cried in her arms like a little girl.

I couldn't control myself. I should've been the one comforting her, but my feelings got the best of me.

I had just gotten back my relationship with my father. After four years of being apart, of treating him unfairly when all he did was love me and miss me.

God can't take him away from me.

"Your dad is a strong man. Don't worry mi niña." she assured me, kissing the side of my face.

"Are you guys okay? Do we need to call another doctor to take a look at you?" Santiago asked his dad and uncle. They had taken a seat across from us and looked beaten.

"We're fine. Just a few cuts and bruises...nothing to worry about." Don Ernesto assured his son.

"Does Marlina know what happened to her son?" mom asked looking around for my grandmother.

"She left a while ago" Martin replied. "I'm hoping by the time she gets home we'll have good news. I don't want her to worry right now...you know how she is."

After a long and dreadful hour of waiting, the doctor finally walked out of the room and joined us all in the livingroom.

"How is he?!" both my mother and I jumped up from our seats.

"The bullet went through his chest but no damage was done to the heart."

"Is he going to be okay?' Alex asked.

The doctor nodded. "He'll just need a lot of rest and I've written a presccription for the pain." he handed my mom the slip.

Thank God.

"Can we see him?" Martin asked the doctor.

"Yes, but try not to agitate him. He needs to be calm and rest as much as possible. If you have any questions or there are any complications don't hesitate to give me a call. I'll be back in three days to check his progress."

"Thank you, doctor." mom shook his hand.

After he left Alex called one of the maids and asked her to show all of our guests to their rooms. It had been a long and stressful day for everyone, my friends had been so supportive through all of it and they needed to get some rest.

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