The next morning I woke up to find the hotel room empty, Nessa and Sofi were nowhere to be seen. Where could they be this early? They would never leave without telling me.

I walked around trying to look for them, I was surprised to find the doors to the balcony wide open. There was a plate with food on the table and a bright pink post-it note stuck on the side of the glass full of orange juice.

Daniel and Leo came to invite us out for breakfast. We didn't want to wake you up, enjoy the food! We'll be back soon

-Sofi and Nessa-

Huh, so they decided to ditch me to go out with the guys. That's not a surprise. It's so like Sofi and Nessa to leave their best friend alone and go out with two hot guys.

I decided to sit down and eat the nice meal they left me. It felt weird to be eating alone but at the same time it felt nice to have some time to myself. We've been here four days already and this is the only time I've actually had some peace and quiet.

I looked out to see people going on their regular day. There was a man working behind the counter of a small store, the ice cream shop across the street was full of little kids trying to buy something refreshing for this hot sunny day. The beach looked calm and like any other beach without all the teenagers from that first day we arrived at the party.

This is the kind of thing that makes you want to stay, to make you not want to go back to the hectic life back home. I closed my eyes, felling the slight cool breeze on my face. This is nice.

Last night's events immediately came to my mind. There is more to Santiago then I expected. The first time I saw him he seemed like an uptight, cold and bitter jerk. But now that I really think back to it the only reason he looked that was because he showed no emotion. There's always this blank look on his face and his eyes show nothing, almost as if he's hiding something. And I think that's what it is. Why else would he be like that? There's no other reason for him to block everyone away, he's trying to keep people from finding out his secret.

I want to know that it is! But I don't have the time to find out, we're leaving back to Chicago as soon as Spring Break is over. There's no way I can get close enough to find out more about him.

After finishing my food I went back into the room to clean around a little. There wasn't much to do since we're all pretty organized and the hotel's housekeeping have been coming in the room to do their job.

When I was done cleaning I relaxed into the comfy couch in our living room area only to be bothered by a loud knock on the door. Ugh, the girls probably forgot their key.

"You guys are so irresponsible—" I started saying but then closed my mouth when I saw who was actually standing at the door.


"What are you doing here, Chamuco? It's been a while since I last saw you."

"I know" he smiled sheepishly. "Can I come in?"

I stepped back and opened the door wider. " Sure"

"How have you girls been doing?" he asked as he walked further into the room and took a seat in the small couch.

I shrugged. "Good, just enjoying what we have left of vacation."

"Only three days left, right."


"That's too bad" he frowned, lowering his gaze. "I would have loved to spend more time with you."

"Well you could have!" I crossed my arms over my chest. "But that day at the beach party you were acting like a total douche."

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