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"We'll be back soon. And you can call us at any time in case of an emergency." Dad told me as we walked down the stairs with all the others. "But I trust Santiago to take care of you." He gave my boyfriend a nod.

The guards were loading all their suitcases in the back of the two SUV's. I gave my parents both a hug goodbye and then walked over to where Santiago was talking to Don Ernesto.

"I trust you, son." the ex-leader told Santiago. "I know you're capable of leading this cartel without my help, but you know you can call me in case you need anything."

"Have a safe trip Don Ernesto" I hugged him. "I'll make sure Santiago doesn't get in any trouble."

That made the old man laugh. "In any case Santi should be the one looking out for you, Gabriela" he pulled away from the hug and smiled at me. "You've become very important to me... and I'm glad my son found someone like you."

"Thank you" I blushed at his bashful words.

"It's time to hit the road, the private plane is waiting for us." his brother Rafael called out as he jumped in to the truck.

I ran over to the other side and gave both Tio Felix and Tio Carlos a quick hug. "I'll see you both soon."

"Of course you will." Tio Felix grinned. "You have to take that boyfriend of yours to meet the rest of the family in Tamaulipas."

"I'm sure it'll happen soon. I want to see grandma Lina too, I haven't seen her in a long time."

"She'll be happy to hear you're coming home. She's been bugging your dad to bring you over since we heard you were in Mexico." Tio Carlos said.

"I'll talk to dad about it as soon as he gets back." I promised them before reaching out for another hug and stepping away to where my friends and my boyfriend were standing.

We watched as the trucks pulled away from the mansion. It was eerily quiet even after the black vehicles were out of sight.

"Let's go to the meeting room. There's a few things we need to discuss." Santi broke the silence.

"Let's go.." Leo nodded pulling away from his girlfriend.

"No no" Santiago surprised everyone by saying, "I want the girls to listen in on this too."

Both, Leo and Daniel were shocked to hear this. Every time the boss called a meeting he always made sure to keep everyone who wasn't as involved with the cartel away from the meeting room, the fact that he asked for my friends to be there proved that he was now taking into consideration that they were trustworthy people.

Santiago walked ahead with my hand in his, he led the group into the large meeting room where they held all the drug cartel related business.


"A traitor? There's no way!" Daniel said, unable to believe that there was someone out there with the guts to betray them

"I couldn't believe it either primo" Santiago shrugged "but the proof is there, now what we have to do is find a way to get rid of the son of a bitch. I don't care who it is...the traitor will be killed."

"Have you..." Leo paused, giving me an uneasy look. "I'm sorry if this offends you Gaby... But have you thought about the possibility that it might be a Romano?"

Nessa elbowed him. "LEO!"

"I'm just putting all possibilities out there" he winced.

"There's no way" I shook my head. My dad and brothers would never do that to the people that were helping them. Don Ernesto and my father have been friends for years! "But if it's someone from my family, I want you to discuss it with me before making any rash decisions." I told Santi.

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