Married to the Mafia. Capitulo Veintiseis (Archivaldo)

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I woke up the next day to find Santiago wide awake and ready for the day. He was facing away from me fixing the collar of his white t-shirt. His light brown hair was combed back perfectly, the tips touching the back of his neck.

His hair was getting long. He had mentioned the night before he planned on getting a haircut soon.

Santi looked handsome no matter what.

My amazing, hot, and dangerous boyfriend.

"Durmio bien la bella durmiente?" he looked at me through the mirror while he finished dressing up. (Did the sleeping beauty sleep comfortably?)

"Best sleep of my life" I smiled at him. "Why are you so dressed up?"

"Our visitors from the U.S gave me a call to let me know that they'll be here in two hours. They've been our business partners for years and I owe them an explanation...the stolen drugs were supposed to arrive in  California yesterday morning but they didn't." he walked over to the side of the bed and kissed my forehead. "The leader of the mafia in the U.S. is my friend Mike Fullerton, he's coming over with his wife Claire...His wife is very involved with the drug trafficking business...I hope you don't mind sitting down with discuss what's going on..." Santi looked down at me, he looked a bit hesitant to be telling me this.

He knew how I felt about getting too involved.

But enough is enough.

I'm dating a cartel leader, his whole life revolves around El Cartel de Sinaloa.

One of the rules all cartels have for the outside people that want to join the Mafia is that once you're in, there's no way out.

I've been a hypocrite, I deluded myself with the idea that I can live a normal life when the fact is I'm tied down to the Mexican cartels. I was born into this life and there's no way out. I'm in it for life.

Till' death do us apart. I am married to the mafia.

"Santiago" I pulled him down to sit on the edge of the bed and looked at him face to face. My brown eyes staring into his blue ones. "When I accepted to be your girlfriend, I accepted everything else that comes with you. Your family, your weird mood swings, your greek-god body..."

He chuckles.

 I went back to my romantic speech. "My point is...I know your cartel is very important to you because it was passed down to you from your father. I know you plan on dedicating your whole life to keeping this illegal organization as one of the best in Mexico. I don't want you to hide part of your life from me."

"So you're saying?"

"I'm in love with you, Santi." I kissed him on the lips. "You can tell anything about your job, you can count on me as an ally."

He grinned and hugged me tightly to his chest. "You don't know how happy it makes me to hear you say that, Gabriela."

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